Top 14 Tennis Sunglasses 2020 Review

The long-term exposure of the eyes to the sun can lead to a number of serious health conditions, such as macular degeneration, snow blindness, cataracts, and even sunburn. At its worst, it can even cause cancer. With this, your first line of defense is protection, which makes it important to wear a sunglass, especially when […]

Prince Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet Review

This is not to be confused with the Prince Textreme Warrior 100, which we have also earlier reviewed in this website. The Prince Warrior 100 is the more basic version, which is also the predecessor. It does not have the Textreme technology, but it is equally impressive in terms of the performance that it can […]

Top 18 Tennis Balls 2020 Review

There are more than 200 brands of tennis balls that are approved by the International Tennis Federation. This makes it difficult to search for the best. Our team spent days of research and went through reviews from real users to come up with a definitive list of some of the best options to consider! Your […]