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Your Game Will Follow Your Emotions

BOOK EXCERPT FROM “TENNIS: WINNING THE MENTAL MATCH” By Allen Fox, Ph.D.  c   2010, all rights reserved When you feel good, you are apt to play well; conversely, when you feel bad, you are likely to play poorly. Sport psychologists talk about the need to control emotion on court, but what they mean by this […]

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Richard (Pancho) Gonzales, Possibly the Greatest of Them All

By Allen Fox, Ph.D.  c   2013, all rights reserved What can we learn from the career of Pancho Gonzales? Possibly that athleticism, fiery desire and iron will can overcome technical stroke deficiencies. Pancho Gonzales was, if not the best player of all time, certainly one of the best. His career at the top lasted an […]

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Accelerate Your Efforts After Winning Your First Set

By Allen Fox, Ph.D. c   2010, all rights reserved Doing what comes naturally is not always a great idea when it comes to winning tennis matches. Case in point – what to do after you win a closely contested first set. Here you have expended a great deal of mental and physical energy getting the […]

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Resist Reacting Emotionally After Points, an excerpt from “Tennis: Winning the Mental Match””

By Allen Fox, Ph.D.  c   2010, all rights reserved Your game will tend to follow your emotions, positive ones producing good play and negative ones, bad play, so you need to control them rather than having them control you. The starting point for this (and probably the most useful single idea in this book) is […]

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Follow the “Golden Rule” of Tennis

BOOK EXCERPT FROM “TENNIS: WINNING THE MENTAL MATCH” The “Golden Rule” of tennis is the one simple rule that, if followed, will keep you out of more trouble than anything else. It is: Never do anything on court that doesn’t help you win. Granted, it sounds absurdly obvious, but few people consistently follow it. Adhering […]

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