Lots of tennis lovers want to know the answer of “Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”. This guy, Andy Murray finally brought the title of Wimbledon back home. He is often times compared to Fred Perry, the guy who succeeded the feat before Andy. The dissimilarity between the two, i.e. Andy Murray and Fred Perry is probably best summarized in their reactions to victory and achievements. At the moment of triumph, Andy seemed to overcome, in fact, bewildered and confused because of the fact of being given something that he literally had desired for, throughout his life.
The instant when backhand lob of Murray fizzed and then coiled over the head of David Goffin for winning the team competition. All those illegitimately low-hanging girders from Belgian could not stop the history. It was the time for stopping to think about the Scot to be the greatest player of Britain since the time of Perry.
The status of Murray is supposed to be a bit higher than that of Perry’s. He is considered to be the greatest player of tennis from the Great Britain of all the times. Therefore, above Fred, or you can say, above the mythical and legendary figure of tennis from the Great Britain, the immortalized person like a statue in the All England Club’s grounds, as a polo shirt’s choice for various mods, like the name which always appears to be following the words that are: ‘not since’. Incidentally, Fred Perry, did not get knighted ever, as the establishment of the British tennis. In general, the establishment did not seem to be too fond of such a person whose father was known to be the Labour MP.
In today’s world, tennis is significantly different than what Fred Perry used to play in the decade of 1930s. It is helpful for regarding that as two of the different types of sports. It is also helpful for viewing the game in the sense that Andy plays the game as a superior player in each and every way. The time of Perry was not as competitive as it is now, both physically, as well as mentally; neither it was this much demanding. Lots of people can now decide and get the answer to the question: Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”.
The record of Murray’s achievements includes an Olympic gold plated medal, an Open Title of US, a Wimbledon achievement and the Davis Cup, of course. All these achievements are weighty enough for imagining the way he is now standing at a position that is above that of Perry’s. In simple words, it can be said that Fred was like a courts’ showman, who used to jump all the nets for shaking hands with the opponents; whereas, Andy can now literally get at the top. This is because of his achievement of winning his Davis Cup. You can now make your own perception to find the answer to Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”.

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