Best College Tennis Teams, Ranked According to the USTA

Ranking the best tennis college teams is not an easy task. There are several factors that will come into play, such as whether we are talking about men or women. Also, there are also different divisions, making it harder to make tennis rankings.

In the rest of this post, we will have a quick look at some of the best schools for college tennis based on the ranking of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). The latter organized a panel of 11 voters to come up with a list of the most coveted teams. Each panel member gave a score to college tennis teams, 25 being the highest for what they believe is the best and one being the lowest score that can be given.

Ohio State University

This is what the panel listed as the top in their tennis men ranking. In their first game of 2018, the Ohio State Buckeyes made an impressive 5-0 win during the ITA Weekend Kickoff. Based on the Oracle / ITA rankings, on the other hand, the Ohio State is only number 2. For the women’s team, it is 18th, which is quite unimpressive in comparison to the performance of the school’s male players.

University of North Carolina

With an average score of 65.12, this team is number five in the NCAA men’s tennis rankings, although it came as second in the votes from the USTA.  For women’s, on the other hand, the USTA ranked the college as number five. From the NCAA’s list, meanwhile, North Carolina emerged on the top spot for women’s tennis with an average score of 75.29.

Wake Forest University

In the USTA ranking for men’s tennis, Wake Forest is the third for men and only number 16th for the women. On the other hand, based on the stats from NCAA, it is the top in the men’s college tennis rankings with an average score of 76.85. The women’s team recorded an average score of 34.55, making it 19th on the list.

Georgia College

Coming in fourth in the men’s tennis teams is the Georgia College, which is also fourth in the USTA’s ranking of women’s teams. Meanwhile, if we look at the actual numbers based on the games played, the NCAA ranks Georgia as number 20 in the list for men’s teams and number eight in women’s, with scores of 38 and 55.30 respectively.

University of Southern California

The Trojans men’s team is number five in the ranking of top tennis colleges by the USTA. However, for the women’s team, the tennis association does not include the college on their list of top 25 teams. Meanwhile, if the NCAA stats are to be looked at, the USC is 14th for men with an average score of 45.24. For the women’s, the school’s team is also not included in the top 25 teams.

University of California Los Angeles

According to the ranking of the USTA, this college has the 6th best men’s team in the country and 14th best for women. Based on the NCAA D1 tennis rankings for men, on the other hand, UCLA is at the fourth spot with an average score of 68.82 and the 14th spot for women with an average score of 45.90 for all the games that have been played this season.

Texas A&M University

The university’s team is listed by the USTA as number seven in their college tennis rankings for men and only number 21 for women. Meanwhile, for the 2017 to 2018 season, the men’s team has scored a total of 16 wins and four losses. Based on NCAA Div 1 tennis rankings, the men’s team is number six with an average score of 59.54. The women’s team, on the other hand, was not able to make it to the list.

University of Florida

The men’s team of the University of Florida is ranked eight by the USTA while the women’s team is at number four. Based on the games played this season, the NCAA women’s tennis rankings show that the school is at number 12, with an average score of 49.36. On the other hand, the men’s team has an average score of 52.76, making it number 10.

Baylor University

The Baylor Bears made it on the ninth spot of the men’s tennis rankings by the USTA and number 19 for the women’s teams, wherein it is tied with the Oklahoma State University. Looking at their NCAA scores, meanwhile, the men’s team has an average score of 35.23, putting it at the 23rd spot. For the women’s team, they are not included in the top 25.

Stanford University

Wrapping up the list of the top ten men’s college tennis teams according to the USTA is the Stanford University, which ranked as the top one for women. Looking at their actual NCAA game scores, the men’s team is at the third spot with an average score of 70.63 while it is not included in the list for women.

Vanderbilt University

Based on the ranking of the USTA of women’s college tennis teams, Vanderbilt is at number two while their men’s team is only at number 24. For their NCAA rankings, the team is 22nd for men, with an average score of 36.84. For women, they showed an impressive performance at number two, giving them an average score of 69.23.

Pepperdine University

The school’s team is at number six for women’s and not included in the top 25 men’s college tennis rankings by the USTA. They are also not included in the NCAA ranking for the top 25 men’s team for the season. For the women’s team, on the other hand, they are in the fifth spot, registering an average score of 61.37.

Take note that the rankings above based on the NCAA statistics are true on the date of the publication of the article. Any future games can affect their scores, but in a general sense, those mentioned above are the best college tennis teams in the US!

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