Top 14 Tennis Bags in 2018 Review

A tennis bag is an essential investment for those who enjoy the sport. It should be large enough to fit the must-haves, including your tennis racket, tennis balls, and even spare clothes. Choosing the right bag, however, is not an easy task. With this, our team went through hundreds of products, and in this guide for the best tennis bags, we will have a quick look at some of our top picks.

To choose a good tennis bag, you need to consider both form and function. It should not only be stylish, but it should also serve its actual purpose. We understand how overwhelming it is to go through the abundance of possibilities, which is exactly why we have written this guide – to curate the best products and their notable features, as well as to provide other valuable insights that will make you a wise buyer!

14 Best Tennis Bags Review

Yonex 2018 9829 Racket Bag

One of the biggest selling points of this product is the fact that it is roomy enough to carry nine rackets in one time. You do not need to have multiple bags if you play professionally and if you want to have an abundance of options when it comes to the rackets to use!

The smart location of the shoulder strap of this bag is also a plus. It is designed in such a way that the shoulders will carry the weight for better support and lessen discomfort on your end.

It also has a self-standing feature. When you leave it on its own, it will not trip.

The bag is made of premium EVA foam, which is known for being non-collapsible.

Aside from the main compartment, the bag comes with pouches for balls and shoes.


  • Comes with multiple compartments
  • Made of durable materials
  • Roomy interior


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Club Line Tennis Backpack Racquet Holder Bag

Compared to the bag that has been mentioned above, this is way smaller, which is designed specifically for one to two rackets only. Being small, however, also has an advantage. This means that it will be compact and easy to bring with you. After all, for most casual players, one racket will be enough for a game of tennis.

The backpack design of the bag is also a plus. It is easy to carry since the weight will be evenly distributed on your shoulders, unlike the bags with a shoulder strap. It also comes with a casual design, which means that you can use it even when you are not playing tennis.

The durable frame is also a good thing, which allows the bag to keep its shape and to remain in a standing position. Inside, there is a soft foam padding, which will be effective in protecting the racket.

Still not convinced to choose this bag? One thing that might change your mind is the fact that it has been used by some of the greatest players of all time, including Rafael Nadal.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with multiple pockets


  • Can be too small for some

Babolat Maxi Tennis Backpack

This Babolat tennis backpack is a popular option because of the versatility that it offers. You can use it in more ways than one, not just for carrying your tennis rackets. It comes with adjustable straps, making it easy for you to have the fit customized depending on what you find to be most comfortable. The straps are also padded for your comfort.

Similar to the backpack that has been mentioned above, which is made by the same manufacturer, it also comes with a sturdy frame and a soft padded interior for cushioning.

Underneath the bag, there is a ventilated shoe compartment. This allows air circulation, which will prevent the bag from having an unpleasant odor.

The bag also comes with a grab handle on the top and on the side, providing you with the flexibility in terms of how you will carry it.

Some people, however, may not like the fact that it is quite small, which will limit the contents that it can hold. It can hold a maximum of three rackets.


  • Versatile design
  • Padded sleeve
  • Tough construction


  • Limited interior space

Babolat Decima French Open 12 Pack Tennis Bag

If you are searching for large Babolat tennis bags, this is one product that deserves to be on the top of your list. With the ability to fit up to 12 rackets, this is definitely for those who are serious in their game and who want to have lots of choices on the equipment to use on the court.

One of the best things about this bag is that it is designed specifically for the celebration of the 10 Grand Slam victories of Rafael Nadal. So, if you are a big Nadal fan, you can honor him by using this high-quality bag.

It comes with insulated racket compartments, which is a good thing in terms of protecting it from external elements. To be specific, this will be instrumental in preventing the loss of tension of the tennis racket strings.

Lastly, there is also a grab handle on the middle and end parts of the bag.


  • Roomy interior for 12 rackets
  • Has a ventilated pocket
  • Customizable


  • Expensive

Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag

This Wilson Federer tennis bag is another option that you should not ignore given its premium quality. It is quite expensive, but it is sure to be worth your money, especially because of its construction.

Among others, one of the most innovative features of this bag is the Thermo Guard 2.0, which has been developed for the purpose of providing protection to the rackets against humidity.

This bag features a roomy interior, which is spacious enough to fit up to 12 rackets. It is even made better by the fact that it comes with plenty of pockets for additional storage space.

If you love Roger Federer, you will also love this bag as it is embossed with his signature. This is one of the best ways to pay tribute to one of the greatest players of all time.


  • Roomy compartment
  • Lots of accessory pockets
  • Offers protection from humidity


  • Straps are quite heavy

Wilson Tour V Tennis Bag

Wilson is one of the trusted brands when it comes to tennis bags, which is exactly the reason why this is another product worth considering. It also comes with the revolutionary Thermo Guard 2.0 technology, which you can find in its compartments. This is the one that protects the rackets from heat and humidity, making them less prone to wear and tear.

The bag comes with three main compartments, which will make it easy for you to stay organized. There is a compartment dedicated for your apparel. There are also four large pockets on the exterior of your personal things, such as phone and wallet.

It also comes with a handle on the top and on the side, making it easy to grab.


  • Roomy interior
  • Padded design
  • Protects from heat and humidity


  • Straps can be uncomfortable

Yonex Pro Six-Pack Tennis Bag

If you are on the lookout for the best tennis racket bag that is ideal for budget-friendly buyers, this is one option that you should consider. It comes with a roomy interior, which is good enough for six tennis rackets.

In front of the bag, there is a zippered accessory pocket, which will provide easy access to your personal belongings.

There is also a shoe pocket in the bottom of the bag. The expandable pocket is also great for storing your clothes.

Similar to most of the bags that are mentioned in this post, there are grab handles on two locations, offering versatility when it comes to how you will carry the bag.

The shoulder straps are in a new location, which some of you might find awkward at first. However, after using the bag for quite some time, you will get used to it.


  • Large compartment
  • Padded straps
  • Affordable


  • Placement of straps seem awkward

Wilson Tour V 15 Racket Bag

Although made by a trusted bag, this Wilson ThermoGuard tennis bag comes with a price that won’t hurt the wallet. With the thermal protection that it offers, you can be confident that the rackets will be protected from external elements that could speed up damage to the string tension, such as heat and humidity.

With the tough construction of this bag, you can be confident that it is going to withstand long-term use. It is made using a water-resistant material that can survive years of use without compromising quality.

In terms of versatility, this is one product that won’t disappoint. You can carry it as a backpack. There are also grab handles. The straps can be customized depending on what you personally find to be most comfortable.


  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Roomy interior
  • Made of durable fabric


  • Zipper quality could be better

Wilson Racquet Sports Tour V Backpack

If you would rather have a bag that comes with a smaller capacity, this is one option that you should consider. It might be smaller than the bags mentioned above, but still, it is spacious enough for your tennis apparel. There is even an interior pocket, which has the right size for a laptop. On the exterior, there are pockets on the front and sides.

The padded back of this bag is also a great feature, which will be essential in being able to promote your highest level of comfort. The straps are also padded and can be adjusted based on the height that is desired.

As it is made by Wilson, there is also the innovative Thermo Guard technology, which will prevent external elements from ruining the rackets, especially the tension of the strings.


  • Remains in a standing position
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with accessory pockets


  • Can be small for some

Babolat Pure Drive (6-pack) Tennis Bag (Blue)

With the use of this tennis bag, you will be able to enjoy two main compartments, which can fit a total of six rackets. One of the compartments has the isothermal technology, which will keep the racket in its best shape, making it possible to prevent tension loss.

In the exterior, there are also several pockets to keep your accessories organized. One of the pockets is ventilated, which is perfect for keeping your shoes. It allows air circulation, which will prevent the presence of foul odor. There is a smaller molded pocket on the side.

For versatility, it also comes with grab handles at the middle and top. The straps, on the other hand, can be adjusted for your comfort.


  • Padded and comfortable straps
  • Durable construction
  • Ventilated pocket


  • Not for long rackets

Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder x6

This is one of those tennis racket bags that can easily put some people off because of the fact that it comes with a high price. However, the price should not be an issue, especially because it is used even by Rafael Nadal and it is made by one of the most trusted tennis brands in the world.

With the roomy interior of this bag, you can easily bring six rackets with you. There is also one insulated compartment, which is perfect to prevent the strings from losing tension. It also comes with a hard-shell outer pocket, which is excellent for protecting fragile items.

The design of the straps is also commendable. It is retractable, making it convenient. The thick padding, on the other hand, will minimize the burden of the weight on the shoulders. You can also have it adjusted for customized fit.


  • Excellent layout of pockets
  • Roomy interior
  • Retractable straps


  • Poor zipper quality

Babolat Team Expandable Tennis Bag

For the best tennis racquet bag that comes with an affordable bag, this is one of the options considering. After all, it seldom happens that you can find a high-quality bag at a price that is below the $100 mark.

Looking at its features, one thing that we loved the most is the expandable design, which is also the reason why it offers versatility. Normally, the bag can hold four rackets. When you open the zipper, it can expand to accommodate up to seven rackets. On top of this, there are exterior pockets that will be great for additional storage.

It comes with backpack straps. However, because of the shape of the bag, it may not be as comfortable as the higher-end options you can find on the market. There is also a grab handle on the side to provide you with another option of carrying the bag when you do not feel like strapping it on your back.


  • Expandable interior
  • Versatile design
  • Affordable


  • Maybe uncomfortable to carry

Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag

This is one of the most affordable options for a Wilson racquet bag. It is a black bag with a screen print of the Wilson logo. The interior of the bag is roomy enough to easily fit six rackets at a time.

More than the interior, we also loved the zipper of this bag. It can easily slide to open and close the bag. It is not prone to jamming. Best of all, it can withstand many years of use.

The bag also comes with a quick grab handle on the end. If you will use it as a backpack, on the other hand, there is also no need to worry as it comes with padded and comfortable straps. The straps can also be customized to suit the fit that you find to be most comfortable.

Lastly, there is a tonal screened image of the signature of Roger Federer, making it a nice choice if you are a big fan of him.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality zippers
  • Good fabric quality


  • Small side pockets

Babolat Pure trike x12 Tennis Racquet Bag

With this Babolat tennis bag, you will be able to conveniently carry 12 rackets at a time. There are three large compartments, making it easy to stay organized. Aside from the rackets, it also has plenty of space for your clothes and shoes.

Two of the compartments have Isothermal technology. Simply put, the latter is the one that is responsible for preventing humidity and heat from damaging the rackets, especially in terms of losing the tension of the strings.

There is also a hard-shell compartment to protect fragile things, such as your phone.

Lastly, with the adjustable backpack straps, it will also be easy for you to customize the fit for your highest level of comfort.


  • Protects strings from losing tension
  • Has a hard-shell compartment
  • Made of durable fabric


  • Can be difficult to carry when full

Babolat-Pure Tennis Backpack

If you want a small bag for tennis racquets, this will be more than enough. At its size, it can accommodate only one to two standard rackets.

The bag also comes with two ventilated compartments. This is the perfect place for storing your shoes and used clothes after a game. Because it allows air to circulate inside, this is one of the best ways to prevent foul odor.

It also has reinforced straps that are cushioned for your comfort.

Because of the size of the bag, as well as its color and style, we also loved how it is perfect even for casual use, not just for keeping your racquets. The bag even comes with a neoprene headphone wall and a window for a personalized label.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Attractive color
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Some might find it small

Babolat Pure Grey 9 Pack Bag

This is another tennis bag that seems to tick all the right boxes. It has a capacity of nine rackets yet carrying the bag does not need to be a burden on your end. The cushioned straps are adjustable for a customized comfort.

There are several compartments in the bag, making it easy to have the rackets organized. One of the pockets is insulated to protect the racket from external elements that could speed up wear.

The ventilated tunnel pocket, on the other hand, is the perfect place to keep your used clothes and shoes.

On the side, there is a small molded pocket that will perfectly fit your phone or any stuff that is fragile.


  • Has thermal insulation
  • Roomy interior
  • Easy to carry


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Team III Tennis Bag

This is another budget-friendly option that should be on the top of your list. It is made by Wilson, so you can already trust its quality. You can be confident that it will be strong enough to be usable for years without compromising its quality.

The bag comes with three main compartments, which will be good not only for keeping your racket but even your clothes and shoes. On the exterior, there are two large pockets for storing phone, wallet, and other personal belongings.

The shoulder straps, like in the case of the other products mentioned in this post, are also padded and adjustable. This is important to ensure your highest level of comfort when carrying the bag.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable shoulder pads
  • Lightweight


  • No drawbacks

Babolat 2018 Pure Series Quality Tennis Backpack

One of the things that we like about this bag is the versatile design, which makes it multipurpose. You can use it not only for your rackets but even for casual use, such as when you are traveling.

The bag comes with a roomy compartment, which is good for one to two rackets. This will be suitable for most, but for the pros who would want to have easy access to a variety of rackets during a game, this is going to be quite small.

With the plush padded straps, on the other hand, carrying the bag does not have to be a burden on your end. The length of the straps can also be personalized depending on what you find to be most comfortable.

At the bottom of the bag, there is also a vented pocket, which is a good place to store your shoes. However, it is not as spacious as the shoe compartments of the larger tennis bags.


  • Plush straps
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose bag


  • Limited capacity

Ame & Lulu Game on Tennis Backpack

One thing that sets this apart from most of the options listed in this guide is its style. It does not look like a tennis bag at all. It seems like an ordinary bag with ample amount of space to keep your racket. However, take note that the capacity is limited to only two rackets. If you are looking for beautiful tennis bags for women, make sure to consider this!

Aside from the interior pocket, there are two exterior pockets on the side. It is roomy enough for your shoes or for your water bottle.

As for its construction, the main material that is used in the bag is lightweight nylon. This is better than thick fabrics that could add up to the weight of the bag and the racket.

It also comes with a padded strap, so there is no need to worry about your comfort when carrying the bag.


  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • High-quality zipper


  • Can be too small for some

HEAD Djokovic 12R Monstercombi Tennis Holdall

If you are a fan of Novak Djokovic, this padded tennis racket bag is one product that you will surely love. It is made in honor of one of the greatest tennis players, so there is no need to be doubtful about the quality that you can expect from this bag.

With this bag, you will be able to enjoy up to three individual compartments. These compartments can carry up to 12 rackets, which can be quite large for the casual player.

The two-way carry system is also a plus, providing the versatility when it comes to how it can be carried. Whether you strap it on your back or the shoulder, it is going to be comfortable since the straps are padded and adjustable.

Lastly, it also has Control Climate Technology, a feature that separates it from many others. It protects the rackets from heat, minimizing the likelihood of damage.


  • Offers protection to rackets
  • Comfortable straps
  • Large interior space


  • Too large for some

HEAD Djokovic Backpack

Similar to the bag that has been mentioned above, this is also made in honor of Novak Djokovic. The main difference between the two products is that this model comes with a smaller capacity, which is good only for a single racket. The racket head will fit in the bag and the handle will be exposed.

The main compartment where you will keep the racket is padded. This protects the racket from potential damages.

There is also a front zipper, which will provide easy access to your personal belongings. There is no need to open the zipper on the main compartment.

The versatility of this bag is also a good thing. You can use it even as a travel backpack.


  • Good color combination
  • Made of thick material
  • Can be used even not for tennis rackets


  • Small capacity

Why You Should Invest in a Tennis Bag

Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, you should have the right tennis bag. This is especially important for the pros. The best reason to invest in one is to have a place where you can keep your tennis rackets, protecting it from external elements that could possibly speed up wear and tear.

More than the racket, the best tennis bags can also keep other essentials that you will need for the game. From your shoes to spare clothes to tennis balls, it can be spacious enough, allowing you to bring everything that you will need.

Depending on the bag that you will buy, it can also be multipurpose. You can even use it as a travel backpack, especially if it has a casual design.

Types of Tennis Bags

One of the first things that you need to do is to be familiar about the different types of tennis bags that are available, which will make it easier for you to decide which one is suitable for your needs.

  • Tennis Backpack: This is one of the most popular, especially among casual or recreational players. Space is more than enough for one to two tennis rackets. It is also a good choice because it can be used beyond tennis, such as for school or when you are traveling, especially if you pick one that is stylish.
  • 3-pack Tennis Bag: As the name implies, this is a bag that can easily fit three tennis rackets at a time. Also known as a triple bag, it has one to two compartments and several exterior pockets for your personal belongings.
  • 6-pack Tennis Bag: For intermediate to advanced players, this is a good bag of choice to fit six racquets at a time. It can have up to three compartments and large storage pockets which can fit even your shoes and spare clothes.
  • 12-pack Tennis Bag: If you are a pro or if you are really serious about the game, this bag is for you. It allows you to bring 12 rackets at a time. Also known as the Super Six or Super Combi, it is ideal for those who are traveling to take part in tournaments.
  • Tennis Bag with Wheels: If you are going on a long trip, especially when you are flying, this is a good choice. It provides an easy way to bring your rackets without being burdened by its weight.
  • Tote Tennis Bag: Tennis racquet tote bags are especially popular amongst women. More often than not, it can fit only one to two rackets. It is preferred for its style over its functionality.

How to Choose Good Tennis Bags

In this section, we will have a look at some of the things that you have to take into account as you differentiate the options for the best tennis gear bag.


The first thing that you have to do is to determine the size of the bag that you will need. For most novice players, a small bag will be more than enough. For the pros, larger bags are better. More often than not, the size of the bag will be measured depending on how many rackets it can fit. A small bag can fit one to three rackets. The large bags, on the other hand, can fit eight to 15 rackets. Obviously, you do not need to bring that many rackets on your game if you are only a casual player.

In determining the size of the bag that will be a right choice for you, it is also important that you think about the other things that you will bring with you. Buy a larger bag if you want it to also fit your shoes, clothes, tennis balls, and other essentials.


Similar to the case of buying other products, the material is an important consideration because it will impact the durability, functionality, and appearance of the tennis bag, among other things. The material should be lightweight, such as a high-quality nylon. It should also be thick, which will make it not easily prone to wear and tear. It will also be good if it is water-resistant.


As you will notice from some of the products that have been mentioned above, there is an insulation feature. It will be good to pick a bag with this technology. In a nutshell, this is going to offer the rackets with protection from heat, humidity, and other external factors that could contribute to its wear. This does not only prolong the functional life, but this also prevents the strings from losing tension.


Admittedly, many of you will make a decision on the basis of aesthetics. With this, pick one that is stylish. This is especially true for women’s tennis bags because a lot of the ladies would want to be fashionable even when they are sporty. From the colors to the design, pick a style that matches your personality. Nonetheless, at all times, the functionality of the bag should be a more important consideration than the looks.


For the tennis bag to be versatile, there should be different options by which you can have it carried. For instance, there are bags that you can use as a tennis duffel bag or as a backpack. There are also models with grab handles on the top and side, allowing you to carry it in two different orientations.


Especially in the case of the higher-end models of tennis backpacks and bags, they have a cushioned padding in the interior. This is going to protect the rackets from potential damages, especially when the bag hits a hard surface.


The bag should have pockets both inside and outside. The interior pockets should be big enough for accessories and your personal stuff. In the case of some bags, the pockets have a hard shell to protect smartphones and other things that are possibly fragile. By having pockets, you can also have easy access to some of your things since you do not have to put them in the main compartment.


Your comfort is also a primary consideration when looking for a racquet tennis bag. One of the most important is to have padded straps. The cushion should be thick enough so that you won’t have to feel much of the weight on your shoulder. It should also be adjustable, which will allow you to customize the fit depending on what you are most comfortable with.


If the tennis bag comes with a shoe compartment, it is important that it is well-ventilated. This is going to encourage air circulation, which will prevent having a foul odor that could cling to the material the bag is made of. This will also be great when it comes to storing used clothes after a game of tennis.


At the end of the day, the most important is to take the time to read tennis bag reviews. You can go online, search for the specific model you have in mind, and learn from the experiences of other people. Many buyers are generous enough to share their opinions, which will make it easier to limit the options for the best tennis racquet bags.

Care and Maintenance for Tennis Bags

Before we end this post, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to take care of your tennis bag, which will help in keeping its tip-top shape even with frequent and long-term use.

  • Read the care instructions from the manufacturer and make sure that you follow it religiously. The steps in cleaning the bag may vary depending on the material that is used.
  • It is best to hand-wash the tennis bag instead of throwing it in the washing machine. Hand-washing is a gentler method, especially for the paddings and zippers. This also makes it possible to focus on the specific area with the highest concentration of dirt.
  • Always remove shoes and dirty clothes from the bag when you get home. It may be tempting to just leave them in the bag, but they can cause an unpleasant smell.
  • Air dry the bag. If it is sunny outside, hang it to dry. If you have wet clothes or if the bag has been wet because of rain, dry it first before storing.

Wrap Up

In sum, with the best tennis bags that have been mentioned above, you will be able to carry your rackets with ease. It is a good way to stay organized while providing easy access to your game essentials, not only rackets. Pick a bag that is spacious enough even for your shoes and spare clothes. Keep an eye on the products briefly reviewed above, and for sure, you will end up with a decision that you won’t regret.

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