Top 10 Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players 2020 Review

Roger Federer. Novak Djokovic. Rafael Nadal. Andy Murray. Serena Williams. Maria Sharapova. They are just some of the most popular tennis players. Aside from delivering superior performance on the court, what else is their common denominator? They all use the best tennis racquet for advanced players!

As a pro, it is not only the skills that matter, but also the racquet that you will use to dominate the court and end up being the winner.

If you are already an experienced player, you need to find a racquet that matches your skill. It must keep up with your power!

No idea on which to choose? Keep on reading the rest of this post as we list down some of the advanced tennis racquets that deserve your attention.

Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players Review

Wilson Pro Staff 97

With its fresh and sleek appearance, it is sure to be a head-turner. More than its aesthetics, however, its features and performance are also notable.

This model has a head size of 97 square inches and a length of 27 inches.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 has braided graphite, which is one of the most notable when it comes to its construction. It is a pure and solid material that has been well-loved for a long time now. This is excellent not only in terms of durability, but when it comes to providing an excellent sense of control as well.

It is a head-light racquet, which is why control and maneuverability are two of its best assets. However, because of the even distribution of weight throughout, the smash may end up being underwhelming, unlike in the case of those that are head-heavy.

It should be noted, however, that this variant comes unstrung. For the stringing pattern, it has 16 mains and 19 crosses. Once it is already strung, its weight is 11.7 ounces.


  • Has a great overall feel
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Demonstrates plenty of power


  • Unstrung

Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour

A top pick for an advanced player, this racquet has a head size of 98 square inches, length of 27 inches, and weight of 11.3 ounces when unstrung and 11.8 ounces when it is strung. When you receive the racquet, however, it will arrive as an unstrung version.

In terms of its overall construction, one thing that you will love is the thin beam, which effectively enhances the overall feel of the racquet. This also minimizes fatigue, making sure that you will feel comfortable even when playing for a long time.

Meanwhile, it has the innovative Babolat Woofer Grommet System. With the latter, you can expect maximum energy of the ball once it lands on the head.

The power of the Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour is also undeniable, making it sure to devastate your opponent. Coupled with the right stroke, you can easily create stunning shots in every swing.

Lastly, it is also a spin-friendly option. This can be enjoyed while the racquet is also easy to control.


  • Cool design
  • Delivers excellent spin and power
  • Good control


  • The stiff frame can be harsh for some players

Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19

This is an attractive racquet that will work best for aggressive strikers. Advanced players who have discerning preferences will surely love this.

The main material that is used in this model is graphite, which has an excellent reputation because of its durability. This is also lighter compared to other materials. In fact, the weight is only 10.8 ounces. Some might feel that it is too light for their game, but this does not mean that the performance will be compromised.

In terms of its performance, the volleys are amongst the most impressive with the Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19. It is quick, especially on the offense, making it easy to be in control of every game.

When serving, this will also prove to be an incredible choice, which can be attributed to its lightweight design. You will hit your serves easily and accurate while making sure that you can send it with enough power to the other side of the court.


  • Good design
  • Easy to maneuver and swing
  • Comfortable to grip


  • String quality can be better

Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail

In your search for the best tennis racquets for advanced players, make sure to include this on your list. The design is one thing that we loved the most. It has a fluorescent green color that provides it with a distinct appeal.

One of the exceptional features is the Braided Graphite + Basalt construction. It combines innovative materials to improve elasticity, control, and feel, among other things.

Meanwhile, with the Countervail technology, it uses a special type of carbon fiber. The latter helps in improving the ability of the racquet to absorb shock. When using the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail, you will not easily complain of fatigue and discomfort.

It also has Wilson X2 Ergo. This is another technology that has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer. This makes it possible for the handle to be customized to meet individual preferences.

Lastly, it also features parallel drilling. The latter enhances the quality of the string bed to make it forgiving and consistent. This also enlarges the sweet spot to provide enough energy even if the ball hits off the center.


  • Has a well-balanced design
  • Excellent ability to dampen vibration
  • Impressive power


  • Expensive

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

For advanced tennis racquets, this can prove to be another promising choice. It is a product that is recommended even by Novak Djokovic, which can already make you confident that its quality will be superior.

One of its best assets is the Graphene Touch Technology, providing it with an edge over others within the competition. It improves the dampened feel of the racquet and also enhances your comfort.

Meanwhile, with the 18/20 string pattern, you can expect that you will have optimal control. The racquet moves exactly where you want it to be.

The HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro comes with a headlight balance, which allows it to whiff like a lightning. If you value speed, this is a racquet that you are sure to love.

Lastly, it is also Smart Tennis Sensor Ready, which is one of the reasons why even advanced players prefer this model. With this, you will be able to attach a compatible sensor, which will make it easy to make sense of your performance in every game.


  • Uses an advanced stringing technology
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good for those who like stiff racquets


  • The grip can be too thick for some

Head Graphene XT Radical Pro

The best tennis racquet for advanced players does not necessarily need to be expensive. This is one thing that Head Graphene XT Radical Pro proves. It is an economical option, yet it can demonstrate powerful performance on the court.

One of the features worth noting in this model is the dynamic 16×19 string pattern. The latter makes the center tighter and provides directional control. Even if the ball is spin-loaded, you can easily bring it where you want to send it.

It also has the revolutionary Graphene XT technology, which is one thing that sets it apart from its competitors. It has better platelets and bonding compared to the traditional graphene. It improves the distribution of the weight, making it well-balanced. This makes it stronger by as much as 30% and lighter by as much as 20%.

The durability of the racquet is also undeniable. Even after years of use, you can be confident that it will remain in its peak shape.


  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • Great power and accuracy
  • Reasonable price


  • Topspin may not be as good

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

The steep price of this product is one of the first things that you will notice. However, this should not be a reason for you to ditch the racquet in an instant. Look at how it will perform and you will see that the price is indeed worth it.

This is a head-light racquet. While some might assume that its power is less compared to head-heavy racquets, it is actually still good. It also makes it easier to handle and maneuver because of the even distribution of weight on the different parts of the racquet.

One of the reasons why this is a favored choice amongst advanced tennis players is the fact that it is co-designed by Roger Federer. It has a pure and classic appearance that you will fall in love with.

This Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph has a head size of 97 square inches, length of 27 inches, 9-point head-light balance, and strung weight of 12.6 ounces.


  • Easy to swing and maneuver
  • Has a generous sweet spot
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive

Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus

Compared to most of the options for the best tennis racquets for advanced players, the length of this model is 27.5 inches. It is longer by half an inch, although some people note that the additional length is almost unnoticeable, especially for people with an extended reach.

Its head size is 100 square inches and the string pattern is 16×19.

Looking at its features, one of the most exceptional is the GT technology. The latter allows the frame to demonstrate enhanced rigidity, which is great not only in terms of comfort but also when it comes to improving comfort and feel.

Meanwhile, it also has the revolutionary Cortex System. The latter is a technology that is incorporated in the handle of the Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus. Its main benefit is the reduction of shock and vibration allowing it to promote the highest level of comfort for the user.

Lastly, it also comes with the Woofer technology that improves the energy of the ball by as much as 25%, making it deliver better power.


  • Generates powerful spin
  • Excellent control
  • Impressive topspin


  • The extra length is not noticeable

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus

Among others, swing speed is perhaps the best thing about this tennis racquet. This is for advanced players who would like to be as fast as a lightning as they dominate the court and leave their opponent stun. The designed is optimized to make it as quick as your movements.

This is a racquet that was inspired by the popularity of the AeroPro Drive. One of its best features is the Woofer grommet. The latter improves the aerodynamics and produces a trampoline effect to provide more energy to the ball as it is sent to the other side of the court.

Meanwhile, the Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus also has the Cortex System. This innovative feature is the one that is responsible for delivering a higher level of comfort to the users as it significantly minimizes the vibration that you can feel, regardless of how intense the game is.

Lastly, it also has the Frame String Interaction or FSI Technology. The latter improves the quality and construction of the string bed, which will have a positive impact on your performance.


  • Comes with a cover
  • Stylish
  • Good power and control


  • Expensive

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value

Wrapping up our list of the best tennis racquet for advanced players is a model with a head size of 118 square inches, which is larger than most of the products that we have mentioned in this post. This is actually a good thing since this means that there is a larger sweet spot to provide the power that the ball needs regardless of where it lands on the string bed.

With a weight of just 9.1 ounces, this is the lightest from the K line of racquets from Wilson. This is precisely the reason why controlling and swinging the racquet will be a lot easier. This also means that you will not easily complain of fatigue, even if you will be playing for a long time.

It has [K]arophite Black Technology, which increases the stability and strength of the racquet. Meanwhile, with [K]ompact Center, maneuverability and handling are improved.

The best thing is that despite the innovative features and superb performance of the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value, it comes with a price that is easy on the wallet.


  • Generous sweet spot
  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Comfortable


  • Durability can be an issue

Final Words

Your racquet is the best weapon that you can take in your next game. It will be vital in unleashing your best potential. With this, if you are on the lookout for the best tennis racquet for advanced players, consider the products that have been mentioned above.

It is not enough that you now have advanced playing skills. Even if you are already playing in professional leagues, this is not a guarantee of being the dominant player on the court. To be at your best all the time, make sure to use only the best racquet that suits your playing style.

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