Top 14 Tennis Sunglasses in 2018 Review

The long-term exposure of the eyes to the sun can lead to a number of serious health conditions, such as macular degeneration, snow blindness, cataracts, and even sunburn. At its worst, it can even cause cancer. With this, your first line of defense is protection, which makes it important to wear a sunglass, especially when you are playing tennis.

With the best tennis sunglasses, you will be able to dominate the court, stun your opponent, and impress the spectators, knowing that your eyes are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. For some, it is just a fashion accessory. For those who have been playing tennis for a long time, it is a functional piece that allows them to protect the eyes from serious problems in the future.

If you are on the lookout for the best sunglasses for tennis but cannot decide which one to pick, the rest of this post has got you covered. We spent countless hours searching for the top picks and evaluating what other people have to say. We came up with a definitive guide to help you make a decision that you won’t regret and be provided with the best bang for the buck!

14 Best Tennis Sunglasses Review

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

One of the top picks in this tennis sunglasses review, we loved this product because it is lightweight which will have a positive impact on your comfort. This means that you won’t be burdened by its weight, making it easy for you to move and play.

This has all the features that are necessary for the eyes to be protected from the glare of the sun. It has polarized lenses, which will give you a clear vision in the field. There is also an anti-fog coating, which will guarantee its all-weather performance.

In terms of its overall construction, you will also like how the nose pads are adjustable so that you can have the fit customized. To add, it also has an anti-slip feature to keep it in its position, regardless of how intense you are moving.

Lastly, it has modular lenses, which will make it multifunctional. This allows the lens to adapt based on the external environment. You can use the same sunglass regardless of the weather condition.


  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Lightweight construction
  • Anti-fog coating


  • Some might find the lens to be large
  • Frame quality can be better

Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket Iridium Sunglasses

With the Oakley Flak Jacket safety glasses, you will enjoy a product that is not only functional but also stylish. You will command attention when on the tennis court because of its aesthetics.

It has high-definition optics, an innovation that gives it an edge over many others within the competitive landscape. Your vision will be less distorted while being able to maximize the field of view.

This glass is able to block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Even harmful blue rays can be blocked, which is excellent when it comes to safety.

The lenses have also been tested under extreme conditions, which can provide you with the confidence that it can withstand tough conditions.

However, one of the important things to note is that the iridium lens is not for everyone. For some, it can be quite dark, which is why it is best to be used only in environments that are bright. Otherwise, your vision will end up being limited.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Has interchangeable lenses


  • Can be too dark for some
  • Expensive

Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

This is made by one of the most trusted global sports brands, making it another excellent choice for tennis glasses. One of the defining features of this product is the Armour Fusion technology, which is incorporated in the main material that is used. It is a combination of titanium and grilamid, which are both lightweight without compromising durability.

It also has Armour Sight, another unique technology that has been developed by the manufacturer. This is going to enhance peripheral vision. The sightlines are also improved by as much as 20%.

Meanwhile, it also comes with fully-adjustable nose pads, which will customize the fit of the sunglass and make sure that you will be comfortable.

Lastly, it comes with the Universal Guarantee of Performance, which should be more than enough to provide you with peace of mind. The product comes with a lifetime warranty against defects and problems with workmanship.


  • Excellent UV protection
  • Comfortable nosepiece
  • Lenses have improved visibility


  • Expensive
  • Non-polarized lenses

Bolle Vigilante Sunglasses

One of the things that we love about this sunglass is how it stays put on your face regardless of how intense the game is. Move around the court quickly and be confident that your glasses won’t fall off your face. One reason for this is the thermo-grip temple tip, which has been designed to not easily slide off. The same technology is found in the nose pad.

The lens can also be interchanged, which will make it an excellent choice when it comes to versatility. You can choose which lens to use based on the condition of the external environment. Prescription lenses are also available. There is an exclusive technology that makes it effortless to snap the lens in place.

Lastly, the main material used in the product is lightweight resin, which is three times lighter and 20 times stronger compared to glass.


  • Lightweight design
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Stays in your face


  • Case is bulky
  • Can be too large for some

Maui Jim Ho’okipa MJ Sport Sunglasses

This is another exceptional pick when it comes to protective sunglasses that you can use when playing tennis. It has a rectangular shape and comes with a rimless frame, which is one of the reasons why you can expect that it will be lightweight.

The quality of the lens is also exceptional. Similar to the other top-rated options for sunglasses for tennis, it has an anti-glare feature. Even when you are playing on a bright day, the rays of the sun should not bother you and you can still concentrate on your game. This is made possible by the PolarizedPlus2 technology. It also has a blue coating for added glare protection.

For the sunglass to stay on your face even as you move, it comes with black rubber insets. There are also six gripping nibs that allow it to be stable in its position.

Lastly, to provide you with peace of mind, the manufacturer is offering a warranty that lasts for 24 months.


  • Effectively eliminates glare
  • Enhances color the eyes can see
  • Lightweight construction


  • Frame can be flimsy
  • Not ideal for people with wide face

Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses

This is one more option that you should not miss in your search for the best sunglasses for outdoor sports, including tennis. The brand name itself can already be enough for you to trust this product.

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the 100% UV coating, providing the best protection from the harsh heat of the sun. The lenses also have the Armour Sight technology, an exclusive feature that lessens the distortion of your peripheral vision. It is also stronger than polycarbonate lenses by as much as 10 times.

The Multiflection lens coating is another defining feature of this product. It repels water and resists smudging and scratches, which will be instrumental in its durability.

It also has UltraLight Armour Fusion Frame. It utilizes the best materials that are available to significantly minimize its weight. Some people, however, may be unhappy with this as it makes it soft and easily prone to breakage.

Lastly, it comes with a three-point nose pad. The nose pad is cushioned for your comfort. It can also be easily adjusted to have the fit customized based on the contour of your nose.


  • High-quality lenses
  • Polarized Under Armour lenses
  • Cushioned nose padding


  • Can be quite stiff
  • Finish can easily peel off

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses

This is one of the best Oakley sunglasses for tennis that you should not ignore. It is a bit on the pricey side, but this should not be an issue since it can deliver quality and performance that will be hard to match.

It comes with composite frame and lens. The frame is lightweight and durable. It hugs the face perfectly, although there can be a problem for people with large and wide faces. It has three-point fit that won’t obstruct the ears. This is also the one that is responsible for maintaining the alignment of the lens even if you are playing an intense game.

The high-definition optics have pure Plutonite. The latter is an innovative material that is basically responsible for filtering UV rays to protect the eyes from sun damage.

The semi-rimless design is also worth highlighting. By having a minimal rim, this is beneficial in terms of cutting down the weight while also improving your downward view.

Lastly, this product comes with interchangeable frame, making it possible to deliver optimized performance in all conditions.


  • Non-slip design
  • Prescription-ready
  • Interchangeable lens


  • Can be small for some people
  • Pain can chip easily

Under Armour Core 2.0 Sunglasses

Have you ever worn sunglasses that make your face itchy and uncomfortable? This product can offer the perfect alternative. It is designed with your needs in mind, providing an assurance that you will be comfortable while you play tennis. It comes with the revolutionary Airflow Technology, which will keep you cool even during a hot day.

It also has ArmourSight lens technology, a feature that is common in the Under Armour tennis sunglasses. This is the one that is responsible for improving your peripheral vision.

Meanwhile, the frame can also be customized based on the contour of your face. It has a three-point grip to keep it secure in its position. The temples and nose pads can also be adjusted depending on what is most comfortable for you.


  • Durable construction
  • Excellent comfort
  • Cushioned hinges


  • Non-polarized lenses
  • Uncomfortable for people with a big head

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 1120306430 Dual Lens Sunglasses

There are countless reasons to consider this for the best outdoor sunglasses, but one of the best is perhaps the fact that it comes at an affordable price. The company operates under the principle that high-quality eyewear should be available to the masses. This is one of the cheapest of the products that are reviewed in this guide.

Despite being an economical option, it has top-notch features. One of the most notable is the polycarbonate material that is used in the lens, even if it is non-polarized. It offers clarity of vision, increasing the likelihood that you will end up the winner the next time you play tennis.

It is also a good thing that it is equipped with an adjustable nosepiece. The main material used in the nosepiece is hydrophilic rubber, which you can adjust to fit the contour of your nose. Even the earpiece can be customized to be sure that it won’t slip.


  • Durable construction
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight frame


  • Non-polarized lenses
  • Can be easily prone to scratches

Nike Skylon Ace E Sunglasses

This is made by one of the most popular sports brands in the world, which should be enough to make you consider this when searching for the best tennis sunglasses. The temple tips are coated with rubber, which allows it to stay in place and to offer a high level of comfort.

Unlike most of the options that are mentioned above, the nosepiece cannot be adjusted. Despite this, you can expect that it will deliver a glove-like fit. It is also made of rubber, the same material that you can find in the temples. It is slip-resistant and ventilated.

Weighing only 24 grams, you can expect that this is going to be lightweight. This provides you with the freedom to move without being burdened by the weight.


  • Provides maximum coverage
  • Comfortable
  • Has an excellent fit


  • Some users noted it arrived damaged
  • Few user reviews

Oakley Men’s Jawbreaker OO9290-09 Shield Sunglasses

This is a high-end option that can provide the best value for every dollar spent. Among others, one thing that makes this an impressive choice is the Switch Lock technology, which is basically the one that makes it effortless to change the lens based on what is more suitable for the playing environment.

With the HDO technology, on the other hand, clarity of vision is not a thing that you have to worry about. You can have the assurance that you will be able to see things clearly. The lenses also offer 100% UV protection and excellent anti-glare. The impact-resistance is also great, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

The secure and tight fit is also a plus. Even if you are an aggressive player who moves a lot, the sunglass will stay on your face.


  • Excellent UV protection
  • Offers clear vision
  • Scratch-proof lens


  • Not stylish
  • Expensive

Bolle Copperhead Sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses for men and women are popular choices amongst tennis players because of its unisex design. This specific product also comes at an affordable price, which makes this the perfect choice for budget-friendly buyers who are unwilling to compromise quality and performance.

It is made specifically for people with small faces. Even the lens will be quite small for some. The good thing, however, is that it fits securely. It does not easily slip off the nose and the ear, even when you are making a lot of movements.

The temple tips and nose pads are equipped with sticky grips, providing an assurance that it will stay in its position.

The coating of the lens is also great. It has an excellent ability to resist fog. It can also repel oil and water.


  • Affordable
  • Fits securely in the face
  • Unisex design


  • Not for wide face
  • Small lens

Oakley Radarlock Prizm Sunglasses – Men’s

If the price is not an issue, this will make another excellent choice for the best sunglasses for tennis players. After all, it is made by Oakley, so there is no need to doubt the quality.

With the polarized lenses, glare will not affect your game. Even when playing on a bright day, your eyes will be protected from the sun, making it easier to concentrate on the game and dominate the court. The Prizm lenses are known for being innovative, providing crisp and vivid colors.

Similar to the other Oakley sunglasses that have been mentioned in this post, it also has the Switch Lock technology, making it almost effortless to change the lenses as desired.

Meanwhile, the nose and temple pads are made of an excellent material that gets tackier when you sweat, making sure that it won’t slip off your face.


  • Effectively eliminates glare
  • Switchable lenses
  • Sticky pads


  • Can be too small for some
  • Expensive

Gearbox Vision Eyewear

Glasses for tennis do not necessarily have to be expensive, yet you can be confident that the quality will be decent. This is one product that proves such. It is one of the cheapest of the products in this guide. It does not have the bells and whistles that you can find in the high-end models, but it is good enough for most players, especially for those who are new to the sport.

Even at its price range, it is a good thing that the lenses have good coatings, offering protection from scratches and fog. This will give you a clear vision throughout the game to easily tackle your opponent.

The rubber pads are also ultra-secure. You can focus on the game and not think about the possibility that it will slip.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Clear lenses


  • Ventilation can be better
  • Durability issues

The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses When Playing Tennis

If you assume that a sunglass is nothing but a fashion statement, I encourage you to think again. Definitely, it is more than just a statement of style. It can offer a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Improves Visibility: One of the best reasons to wear sunglasses on the tennis court is to have better vision. You will be able to have a clear sight and be more prepared to respond to the shots of your opponent. Especially if you have a vision problem, you will greatly benefit from wearing prescription tennis glasses.
  • UV Protection: The harsh heat of the sun can lead to a number of eye problems, including cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration. With the right sunglasses, you will be at lesser risk of these problems. The lenses will filter the UV rays so that they won’t reach your eyes.

Choosing the Best Tennis Sunglasses

To be able to narrow down the possibilities, these are some of the most important considerations that will make it easier for you to end up with the right decision:

Frame Construction

The frame serves as the skeleton of the sunglass, making it one of the most important parts. This is the one that determines its shape and its fit. There are different materials that are available, including the following:

  • Stainless Steel: This is one of the most popular metals used in frames because of its durability. One problem, however, is that it tends to be quite heavy.
  • Titanium: Another type of metal frame, it is strong but lightweight. This silver-grey metal is also known for being able to resist corrosion and scratches. Most of the sunglasses with titanium frames, however, are expensive.
  • Nylon: This is a favorite amongst many sports enthusiasts not only because it is lightweight, but also because of its ability to manage fluctuations in temperature, which will be instrumental of your comfort. It is flexible and durable. It is also budget-friendly.
  • Acetate: This is a nylon-based plastic. Compared to standard plastic, this is better because it is more durable. A common problem with acetate is that the frames end up being rigid, which can cause discomfort to some users.
  • Polycarbonate: It is a versatile and tough kind of plastic, which makes it another common material in sports glasses for tennis.

Lens Material

After determining the material that is best for the frame, the next thing that requires your attention is the lens. The lens needs to be durable and should offer clarity of vision. Here are some of the materials that are commonly used in tennis sunglasses:

  • Optical Glass: The durability and scratch-resistance of this material are two of the things that make it excellent. It also offers a vision that is free of distortion, which helps a lot to make you see things clearly even when you are moving aggressively.
  • Polycarbonate: This is the same material that is used in the windshields of aircraft, which can already provide you with the confidence when it comes to its durability. Compared to optical glass, it is said to be stronger by as much as 50 times.
  • NXT Polyurethane: For high-end sunglasses, this is a material that is commonly used in the lens. It is made of an advanced polymer that is known for offering exceptional impact resistance, minimal weight, and extreme clarity.
  • Acrylic: If you are on the lookout for an affordable option, this should be your go-to material. Nonetheless, because it is cheap, expect that clarity and durability can be compromised.

Lens Tint and Coating

More than the material that is used in the lens, the tint and coating will also be important. This will speak of the color of the lens. While there are many options that are available, the best would be a golden color. This is excellent for enhancing the visibility of the yellow tennis ball, making you see it clearly as it approaches your side of the court.

Grey lenses will also be great. It provides true color perception and also has the excellent ability to reduce light and glare.

The best color of the lens tint and coating will also depend on the condition of the external environment. For instance, if it is hazy or foggy, you will benefit from a yellow lens. Clear lens will also be great in a dark environment, but it is not effective in the reduction of glare when the sun is at its peak.

I suggest that you go for sports sunglasses that are equipped with photochromatic lenses. The latter is an innovative technology that allows automatic adjustments depending on the conditions of the external environment. When the light intensity decreases, the lens will lighten. On the other hand, when the light intensity increases, it will become darker.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Lenses

As you try to evaluate the lens of the tennis sunglasses that are available on the market, you also have to consider whether you need one that is polarized or non-polarized. This will have an impact on visibility and comfort, among other things.

  • Polarized Lens: This comes with a special coating, which is the one that brings out the magic. It provides light filtration from a horizontal orientation. This allows the glare to be minimized. Other benefits of this type of lens include minimizing eyestrain, visual clarity, enhancement of contrast, visual comfort, and accuracy of color perception.
  • Non-Polarized Lens: In contrast, it has a dark shade and reduces the intensity of the light that reaches your eye. The horizontal rays, on the other hand, will not be filtered, which is perhaps its biggest drawback. Nonetheless, this is still able to offer eye protection when you are playing tennis. It reduces only the amount of light but not the glare.

Other Considerations

Aside from the things that have been briefly discussed above, here are the other factors that will have an impact on the decision that you will make:

  • Style: The best tennis sunglasses should offer a combination of form and function. Therefore, style should be an important consideration. Pick one that commands a second look, which will also allow you to wear it casually, even when you are not on the court.
  • Nose Pads: This is the part that directly touches the nose. In the case of most products, it exists in the form of rubber. It will be good if the nose pad is adjustable, which will allow you to have the fit customized depending on what you find to be most comfortable. Some are made to be tackier when you sweat so that it won’t slip.
  • Temple Pads: Similar to the nose pads, this is also important in making sure of the right fit of the eyewear. Soft foam and rubber are great choices. They will be effective in the reduction of friction, which will be vital for your comfort.
  • Weight: More often than not, this is a matter of personal preference. There are some who would like their sunglass to be lightweight so that they can move around easily. For others, however, they prefer an added weight. Choose one that you are more comfortable with when you are playing.
  • Fit: The sunglass should have a snug fit but never too tight. If it is tight, this could apply too much pressure on the face and will make you uncomfortable when you are playing.
  • Case: As an added value, choose a product that comes with a case, either in the form of a hard-shell case or soft pouch. This will offer protection to the lens, making it free of dirt and dust, among other things that could speed up wear and tear. This can also protect the sunglasses from scratches.

Wrap Up

With the best tennis sunglasses that have been mentioned above, you will be able to focus on your game and not be distracted by the harsh heat of the sun. You can protect the eyes from eventual damage while also looking uber-cool while on the court.

The options will be plenty, but this should never be an excuse to choose just any product, especially the one that comes with the cheapest price. You need to be a meticulous and responsible buyer to pick a product that offers the best value for money.

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