It is believed that tennis originated in the 12th century and north of France. Initially, the ball was struck with the palm of the hand. It was Louis X of France who took the Tennis to its current form and became the first person to construct the modern indoor tennis court. However, the use of the rackets came into being on the 16th century and then from tenez the game got its name “tennis”. The game slowly evolved and got the shape of what it is now.
However, regardless of how big a player is, since the very beginning, players had always felt the great need of coaches by their side. In fact, in the modern world of tennis, from Roger Federer to Novak Djokovic, everybody needs their support stuff lead by the coaches. So, the question is, how do the great tennis players pick up their coaches.
Undoubtedly, tennis is an interesting and tough game and of course, requires the support of the experts to guide them. The coaches they pick help shape them up as good Tennis players. Here are a few factors that explain how great tennis players pick up their coaches.
Patience is the most critical element to be a good tennis coach. However, everything cannot be conquered with patience. Therefore, it will be wise to talk about other aspects, including that “patience” factor .
1. Patience
It is the primary step to learn different tricks of tennis from a good coach. To prosper them for the right pathway, a coach needs patience for correcting the style of the game much efficiently.
Indeed, at some point, the players need to brush up their skills and gain new forms of techniques through continuous practices. This can only be garnered under the guidance of the perfect coach.
2. Technical Skills
Some players have acquired the game pretty efficiently yet in some instances, there are some technical changes required. Many a times, there are situations where the players don’t know how to overcome their weakness. The improvement is the stepping stone to success. That is where the coaches come as disguised angels. They are the guidelines to the right roadway where they will showcase exemplary skills to overcome the hurdles. We must not forget that technique plays a very important role in taking tennis player to the top.
3. Emotional Attachment
After parents and friends, the relationship between a coach and player is one of the best relationships on the planet. All the great players have an emotional connection with the coaches. If you take the examples of the maestros like Sharapova or Nadal, you can see that they had their family members as coaches in their initial stages. Being connected and friendly to the coach always helps the player. Every great player learns a lot from the coach both on and off the court. The more you are connected, the more faith you will have upon each other.
4. The Professional Level Of The Player
This is yet another important factor that influences great tennis players to pick up their coaches. As the player becomes a professional, he/she needs to deal with different factors like different tours, enhance their fitness and working on their strength factors. At this point, the coach helps them in improving stamina fitness and mental strength.
5. Keen Eye
Although a player is the best person to assess themselves and knows their strength and weaknesses, sometimes there are certain factors for which they fail to achieve greater feats.
All the great players have coaches who have a keen eye for things like these. The coach picks even the tiniest flicker in their technique and corrects them. This is what makes a player great.
Every player has a different requirement from the coaches and they pick their coaches according to their need. But these five factors greatly influence how great players pick up their coaches.

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