HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet Review

If the price is the most important factor in your search for a tennis racket, this is one product that should definitely be a part of the list. The HEAD Liquidmetal 8 is affordable, but this does not mean that its performance will be underwhelming.

This may not be the most popular tennis racket, but for anyone who is looking for value for money, this is what you have to pick. The rest of the review will explore its features and its on-court performance, which will make it easier to come up with a decision on whether to choose this model or to keep on looking at other available alternatives.

Technical Details

This pre-strung racket has a head size of 112 square inches, which is pretty much large. This makes it easier to ensure that you will not miss the ball as you hit. If you prefer rackets with smaller heads, on the other hand, you might want to take a look at the Angell TC97 Pro instead.

Its length, on the other hand, is 27.25 inches. It is slightly longer by 1/4-inch compared to most of the rackets on the market, but this isn’t a big difference that is easy to notice.

Meanwhile, it has a strung weight of 10 ounces, which is pretty much lightweight, making it easy to handle.

The racket is 4-points head heavy. This means that much of the weight is concentrated on the top part, which can help to add more power to your shots.

The Good

Here are some of the benefits of HEAD Liquidmetal 8, which will give you good reasons to choose it over its competitors.


Similar to Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3, this is also one that is known for being an economical choice. For beginners, there is no need to spend much for a racket. You need to harness your skills first before you use a high-end racket.


Weight has a direct impact on performance. I love the minimal weight of the racket because this makes it easy to control. This also allows me to lift and swing the racquet in the absence of straining my wrist and having to exert too much effort. It also makes it quick and responsive since the weight is minimal.

Oversized Head

Although the head is bigger, the weight of the racket will not be a burden. With a larger head, you can expect that the sweet spot is also going to be more generous. Even in the case of off-center hits, the power of every shot will be maximized.

Are these benefits enough to be convinced that this is an exceptional racket? If yes, click the button below and own this racket today.


The Bad

For a fair evaluation of the HEAD Liquidmetal 8, it should also be pointed out that it has drawbacks.

Power may be Underwhelming

While the power may be decent enough for beginners, for the more experienced players, it is going to be underwhelming. This isn’t made for the hard-hitters. If you have an aggressive playing style, one option that might work best for you is the Babolat Pure Drive.

Stability can be an Issue

In an ideal playing environment, the stability will not be a problem. However, there are some instances wherein the racket may not be as stable as the higher-end alternatives, which can be blamed on the fact that it has lightweight construction.

Material and Construction

As it is named, one of the most impressive features of the HEAD Liquidmetal 8 is the Liquidmetal technology. It is made of an innovative material that is applied to different portions of the face. It makes use of the energy that you generate from your swings. This sends off the ball with enough power, although this can still be underwhelming for the more experienced players.

The Total Sweet Spot Construction is another technology that needs to be highlighted. A special compound can be found in the four key areas of the racquet. This improves the torsional stability. This also extends the sweet spot, which is already pretty much expected given the fact that it comes with an oversized head.

It also comes with the revolutionary Integrated String Dampener. This is found on the grommets and is the one that is responsible for the reduction of vibration.

Lastly, it has Hydrosorb Grip. It comes with a twin-channel system that is effective in the delivery of improved ventilation.

Overall Performance

Because it is lightweight, one thing that I enjoyed a lot with this racket is the serves. It is effortless to lift it off and to hit the ball. Nonetheless, because it is pretty much a basic racket, it is not that easy to gain control of the game unlike the options that are harder hitting.

If you have short to medium strokes, this will work best for you. It is also pretty much easy to control, which is again attributed to its weight.

The ball will experience maximum energy return in every shot because of the expanded sweet spot. This gives it a good spin and power, although nowhere comparable to the likes of Wilson Blade 104.

Who Is It For?

At its price point, this is definitely for those who are looking for a tennis racket that comes with a budget-friendly price tag. This will work best for beginners who are on the lookout for an entry-level option. If you have a weak wrist and if you are yet to master powerful strokes, this will also work for you given the fact that it comes with a lightweight construction.


Indeed, the HEAD Liquidmetal 8 is an excellent choice for an economical racquet that does not compromise performance. It is far from being the best in terms of performance, but at its price range, it is definitely ahead of its game. It is lightweight and easy to control. The weight concentration on the head gives it more power.

Now is the time to up your game without the need to spend a fortune. Click the button below and purchase this racket today!


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