“If I’m the Better Player, Why Can’t I Win” Now Available – Allen Fox Tennis

The book “If I’m the Better-Player, Why-Can’t I-Win” is probably the best and most stimulating book I have encountered about the game of tennis. This is a fun yet insightful book to read and is suitable for all readers in all stages of life. It also consists of actual tennis matches, win or lose. And there are lessons on each game. The match will give you an inside-look on how the players think and how they react to every match. Winning a tennis match is not merely a sport to them but a symbol of pride. The author knows exactly knows the psyche that goes on behind every player’s thoughts.
The book does not just talk about the skills needed to become a winner. Contrary to that, it talks about what it takes to live and think like a winner. It does not just present to you the skills one should have to be a good tennis player but at the same time it encourages to have the right attitude. Your disposition, mental state and skills go hand in hand. An important lesson to learn: talent alone can’t win you a match. One needs to practice all the time and not just be complacent.
The reason why a person who is not as talented as another wins, is because of he knows his weakness. Determination and dedication makes one a winner. The author talks in a perspective where it’s not just about tennis, it is life! The way one handles a game is just as much as one handles life in terms of cognizance, resolve, and approach.
The way tennis is played is not just about your own talent or craft. Tennis is a bit of a mind-game. What you think you are. What you think your opponent is. A person puts a limit on another person’s capacity by putting him in a box of standards. In any chance that the opponent exceeds one’s expectations – that’s when one’s game starts to crumble. If you think too poorly of the competition, you start to become a tad bit relaxed on your approach to the game. One becomes arrogant and the other party ends up with a score. With each score the other person makes, the more talented player becomes frustrated that he starts to make more mistakes. Mistakes that will most likely break them than make them.
That is how we see and hear news about outstanding players who drastically lose their ways and vanish in the world of sports and fame. Arrogance is the poison they drank way too much that made them lose their touch. Their mindset and approach to situations are the ones that dragged them down the pit. This book teaches us that we are not the only ones with talent and gifts, but not all of us can stand the test and that the last ones standing are the ones with a better mentality.
Although the book was written few decades ago, this book fits right in to your collection. If you’re the kind who gets excited with books that allows you to reflect on your life and your choices, this should be on your shelf. The words on this author will last for the future generations to contemplate on and learn from.

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