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In today’s sports industry, tennis is one of the greatest sports that bring the thrill and enjoyment for both players and sports fans. The sport may seem to be not that complicated to play; however, this is not the case. Tennis requires players to be mentally and physically fit and healthy to be able to put on a great game in the court; this put the question: How can great tennis champions maintain their intensity in the court for long periods of time?
Viewers and tennis enthusiasts often think of the same question; the answer lies on the training and diet systems that tennis players have to go through. Training workout routines are the most crucial factor in the sport as this is where a player builds his fitness according to how his body reacts on the sport. As we know, every player has different physiological characteristics that require them to pay attention to a factor more than the others. The good thing is sports fitness instructors have developed different programs to tackle a variety of fitness requirements. Some of the basic fitness components that most workout programs base on are strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, speed, and etc.
Diet programs, on the other hand, is as important as training workout programs. What players eat is what works in their body to help them keep it healthy, in spite of the heavy activities they engage in. It’s proven that some professional tennis athletes have their own diet programs to support them according to their own body requirements.

Training Workouts for Tennis Players

Here are some of the tennis training workouts that focus different factors that develop a tennis player’s skill inside the court:
1. Strength Development Workout
Basically, this workout allows players to enhance their strength during the game. It uses equipments such as free weight, resistance bands and cable machines. Further exercises that are also related to this are core and plyometric exercises.
2. Lower Body Development
The body’s lower area, specifically the abdominal area and legs, plays a very important role in every tennis game as this is responsible for the players’ speed and stroking mechanics. Workouts that develop this include squats, split squats, lunges, and calf raises.
3. Lower Back and Upper Body Development
Like the lower body, the lower back and upper body also need to be maintained. There are 2 exercises that can be done to maintain and develop these parts: the Superman Exercise and the Russian Twist.
The first exercise focuses on the lower back; it requires the player to lie on the floor, faced down. The legs and arms are then raised and held upward for a few seconds and then lowered again. It continues until the player reaches 3 sets with each having about 15-20 reps.
The second exercise, on the other hand, develops the core with the use of a medicine ball. It’s held out in front of the player’s chest at his arm’s length; the player then has to twist his upper body to the left and back for about 10 times, repeating the same procedure on the right side.
Other simple exercises that also develop the upper body are push ups and cable machine pulls.
4. Arm Strength Development
The elbow and the wrist are the most important joints that are always prone to injury during games; this is why strong arms are required. Exercises that develop the arms include wrist curls, triceps extensions and dumbbell curls.
Other exercises that help with tennis trainings are lunge walk, leg squat thrusts, punching, swimming, speedball, push ups, and squats.

Diet Programs for Tennis Players

To begin with, there are a lot of diet programs made for tennis players to maintain their fitness; to make it simpler; here are the foods that should always be included in a tennis player’s diet:
1. Foods rich in Choline.
Tomatoes and potatoes have the same nutrient that enhances the brain’s neurotransmitters, therefore, developing the player’s reflexes: Choline.
2. Foods rich in Vitamin A
Vitamin A is responsible for the production of white blood cells; these cells help the body to fight against infection and allow fast recoveries from strenuous workouts.
3. Foods rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C is mostly found in citrus fruits like orange and pineapple. This compound helps with the body’s muscle repairs.

Don’t Talk About Your Wins or How Good You Are – Allen Fox Tennis

When you’re at the top of your game, it’s hard not to want to let people know it. After an exciting win, it’s hard not to want to celebrate or compare it to other victories from your record. This is definitely understandable. In fact, no one can blame you for it, as everyone loves a good success story. Unfortunately, talking about how many wins you have or how great you are at tennis may be perceived as big-headed or unsportsman-like. There could be other downfalls to these practices—some of which could affect your games in the future or cause some coaches to see you as unteachable.
Okay, so what’s wrong with wanting to talk about your wins? For one, it seems like you’re bragging. Bragging is annoying, and it’s kind of like a little kid saying, “look what I did” over and over. It also psychs you up to keep winning, even when the odds aren’t in your favor. This can lead to a serious letdown in the event of a loss. Again, no one likes a pompous player, so people other than your loved ones may start rooting against you just out of spite. There is significant evidence that having the crowd cheering for you increases your chances of pulling a W.
Being a graceful winner makes you out to be the good guy. It makes you seem humble and possibly helpful to younger players. No one wants to be the guy on the court that everyone avoids because all they talk about is their last big win and how easy the match was. If you constantly talk about how good you are at tennis people are going to stop caring, stop listening, and stop approaching you for general conversations. They will feel like all you want to do is tell them how awesome you are. When the truth is, there will probably always be someone better. What about humblebragging—you know, where you basically complain about your talent? Don’t be the player that adds to the 70% of people that have heard a humblebrag lately. Your scores and your record will speak for itself.
Talking about how great you are in tennis isn’t a great idea either. Mentioned earlier was the fact that coaches may not want to work with you. Coaches and players have a special relationship. The coach does their thing by giving tips and strategies to the player. The player plays his part by listening to and performing those strategies. If you act like you already know everything there is about the sport, and often tell people how great you are most coaches will walk away quickly. It makes it hard for them to do their job and it also puts them in a rough spot. Inevitably, when you lose, you’ll blame them. It might sound crazy, but coaches make money the better you perform because they can pick up new clients. It’s generally a win-win situation, where you make them look good and they make you look better. A coach and player team that has a strong record is great for both parties.
It’s not to say that a great coach won’t agree to work with you if you’re always talking about how awesome you are in tennis, it just leads them to the belief that you will be a difficult player and un-coachable. More psychology: sometimes when a person is told repeatedly that they can’t do something, or they won’t win, or don’t stand a chance… it makes them try that much harder. You may be setting yourself up for failure by continually talking about your victories. By nature, sports players are competitive. Other participants may see your record as a challenge. They may play harder than ever before just to put you in your place. It’s not to say you can’t or won’t win, it just may be more of a fight.
Lastly, having an off day and an embarrassing loss is worse if you’re known for broadcasting your record, how easily you win, or the fact you’re great at the sport. You almost make yourself the antagonist in a movie plot. And let’s face it, no one pulls for the bad guy. It’s not to say you can’t talk about how many wins you have or the amount of success on the court. It’s really all in how you do it. If it comes up, say what you have to say. Be humble but don’t humblebrag. Offer to help younger players or maybe give a few pointers to newbies. Kindness will almost always beat out being boastful.


Tennis: Winning the Mental Match – Allen Fox Tennis

Allen fox one of the most valuable tennis player at the world. For his whole long life he get not a small success. From 1960 to 1970 years all sports community was exited by his incredible talent. By the way Dr. Fox coached the Pepperdine University teams to top-five NCAA rankings for 10 consecutive years. At the1965 Summer Universiade, Budapeset had a one bronze medal for single and gold for double. By graduated a psychology university and his huge experience he know about mental state of the player all and more.
All of people fear to lose. The most are giving up and never try again. Another want to grown up so fight with their fears and play and the double energy to just plain wore. None of it’s not good, think so? It’s about deal. Players based of their physicals possibility and forgot about clear mind and good mental state. If you’re good prepared for it and very angry at yourself for something it could take away from the track. You would never be focused on the game. You would see a tennis court, you would see your opponent and be more angry for him by every lose. By this more and more it would shoot down from the winning path. It’s about I’m. And it’s about Allen Fox talking to you by this book. To be calm.
Sport game only a game. This motivation would be at the first place.
The most important part of all games understanding that it is game. Not at the winning is an implication. To be a great you must be the part of game. It’s an important move. Like an opportunity of dearest people. To be successful you must by with all strong and brave at hands to do your job. Go imagine like you’re at the bad shoes. After all, the wearer knows best where the shoe pinches most. So by the all pain you must performance at the scene. Acting is going to you as hard as possible. Ant at this act you must jump and dance like a dummy. With the most happiness emotions you ever had. So at this step what you must need? Sure! Show is must go on! Play like at the first time with a genuine emotions! But the most great difference is that you at this action must FAKE your emotions at the face. But at playing mood you must convince yourself to impress your own mind that you have to be at patience. Let’s admit that not only beginners do not have enough zeal to cope with their emotions, but also to themselves experts in the world of tennis. After all mistakes are made by no mater of ages. Baby or old man, young or old. You can not blame anyone for anything. The main thing that you need do not stop at this step and continue to move on.
Age has never given a guarantee of sound and wise thinking of a person because everyone lives as they want. For someone, every minute mood swings are quite commonplace. Someone does not particularly understand how to swear so much. And besides for some people it is quite common to beat a person simply because he does not like him and he teaches his children the same. It is for this purpose that this book. A book where you will be taught to be equal to the correct mood of life. When you play all your attention must be on the field, all problems must go to the second if not to the tenth plan. This book is about this and the author will know about it. As for the time to ruin their unpleasant feelings. Also this book of psychological education is quite suitable for users far from sports. Agree: it would be nice to learn about all aspects of our life learn how to think about these or other figures and so on. Experience in life does not happen much especially a stranger.
A wise person always learns from the rich experience of a stranger choosing from him the most important aspects. You always need to consider what happens and how. You can not blindly follow someone else’ instructions, you must be able to analyze and correlate with your own capabilities and means. Thanks for this book you will learn everything you need not only at the tennis court but also for real life situations. After all for the game you need not only the racket, right? The best motivating book for the sports class.

Think To Win – Allen Fox Tennis

Tennis is one of the difficult matches as compared to other sports. The drawn-out competitive matches and diabolical scoring system make this fame very stressful and it’s obvious that no player wants to lose the game. During the tennis competition, the nerves and fears are very hard to control, emotion gets out of hand and confidence level up and down. Think and Win book will give you that courage to fight with such kind of issues that a player faces while playing in every level. Dr. Allen Fox’s solutions are quite straightforward and logical. And the most important part of the logic which mentioned within this books are purely tested on the court and you will definitely surprise by knowing this the strategies were really worked.
Think and win is one of the dissimilar books which define the function and intricate form of the tennis art. It also briefs the ever-present linkage of tactics and strokes, psychologies and strategies etc. Dr. Allen Fox is one of the renowned tennis thinker and world-class players who wrote a brilliant book which is highly beneficial for the tennis players and the coaches of the tennis game from all the level. There is a number of national as well as international players and coaches follow the guidelines of this book. In the year of 1992, the senior division of men’s tennis team watched Allen box beat some of the best players in all over the world. Dr. Fox is a smart player and knows the strategy on how to win the tennis match easily.
Even kids can attend the tennis camp that organized by Dr. Fox team. This camp is not only sophisticated but also will provide lots of fun to the players along with the guidance of globally renowned coaches. In this book of Think To Win, you will get best strategic knowledge on how to achieve your target within the tennis game. Dr. Fox provided a significant contribution to the tennis players through his book. In this book, they suggest lots of suggestions and ideas for handling this mental sport from his own tennis experience.
According to Dr. Fox while playing the tennis game you need to overcome certain things which are discussed below.
Choking: You need to reduce your fear of losing which can freeze your effortless and relaxed game.
Anger: You need to manage and release your anger while playing.
Tanking: You need to improve your depression level while playing to overcome the stress level.
Details of the book:
The result of a tennis match cannot determine on the basis of how the players hit the ball but it can be determined by how the players play the game. In this famous book Think To Win, Dr. Fox concentrates on providing certain unique and winning formulas to defeat your competent in both doubles and singles. In this book, the author explains the basic points of geometry that can be overlooked by the advanced players. He teaches all level of techniques to the players and also teaches how to answer all the questions like when, where and how to hit the ball hard. He also teaches the technique on under what conditions the player need which strokes, how to play tennis percentage and how to attack the weakness of your opponent. If you are stuck in some strategy while working on your strokes then this book will definitely help you. It will teach you the required lesson which improves your chances of winning. Dr. Fox is not only a coach but also a psychologist and top 10 former American and David Cup player. He wrote this book and provides all the required knowledge only from his experiences. For getting the knowledge and knowing the different strategies you need to purchase this book. It is now easily available from the online stores. You simply need to search in Google there are several online stores are selling this book. You can compare the prices and purchase the book from your preferred online shop. This book is really worth for your money.
If you are a tennis player or tennis lover then from this book you will get valuable information’s for sure which will develop your playing strategy. It will help you stay mentally focused, getting out of slumps and planning the right game strategy. In this book, the author encourages the players to figure out what kind of player they really are. Once you start following the tricks mentioned in this book you will feel the different level in your playing.


If you’ve been following pro tennis players, you must have realized that most of them either broke their engagements or ended up in a nasty divorce. Makes it look like marriage is a bed of thorns for tennis players. However, truth is, marriage isn’t the adversary of world-class tennis.
After his second mud court tittle, Andy Murray, one of the authority players in tennis said marriage works. He even credited his success to his long term girlfriend and now wife. He believes that if your personal life is great, it helps your performance on the court.
The Murray couple and the Agassi couple are only few of the may top tennis players who have a cheerful marriage life. How would they do it?
1. Find time for each other
The first challenge that tennis players face is traveling. They are basically all over the globe almost the entire year. Who would want to get married to a spouse who barely has time for them? While you cannot give up a tournament for family life, how about use the few days you are around to give your spouse all the attention you can afford? If you give them the time when you are around, they will not feel left out when you go away. Plus, you can always let them tag along to some of the games.
2. Our money; not my money
At some point it’s the money problem. Pro players earn in millions, and, if the significant other has no income and they need support, it creates in them financial guilt. The fact that you are worth millions of dollars shouldn’t make you belittle your spouse. Marriage makes people one, and if we are one, then what we have is ours not mine or yours.
3. Exercise together
No doubt, you are tennis player who goes for training every other week and leave your mate to deal with kids when you are away. Particularly if your better half is a stay-at home mum. Furthermore, when the weekend comes around, she is going to their practices or games. Your schedules end up clashing and you start growing apart. The marriage becomes rigid and stiff.
To avoid this, spare some time and when going away for practice, take her with you. Get a nanny to watch the kids if you can’t bring them along. Research shows that couples who practice together keep off the extra pounds as well as strengthen their relationship.
4. Hold consistent double diversions as a family.
Now that you tag your family along for practice and they learn the ropes in the process, it is time to hold a regular doubles game as a family on the weekends. Family dinners are great, but playing tennis together as a family brings you closer.
5. Start having tennis dates
After a couple of lessons, start going for “tennis dates” at your neighborhood court. It is such a fortifying method to get to know each other. Dynamic time outside the house draws out another side of our relationship.
Truth be told if your children see you having some good times, they will want to partake. What’s more, much the same as that, these positive effects overflow to your children. What better approach to have an agreeable out-of-the-world marriage life.
Source: my-marriage connections serve-in-a-player-s-profession part-ii/


I haven’t come across any interesting game as tennis it. I started playing this game at the age of nine being taught by my dad who was a big fan of tennis. Throughout my schooling life, I have been on the school team and I still remember what I was taught by dad back then. Thanks to him because he made tennis real and a passion I grew up to treasure. Just like any other game, there are some golden rules that one must follow to be a good player. Failure to adhere to these rules is costly and can make you regret ever getting into the court to play. Allow me to share with you some golden nuggets my father imparted into my game.
1. The court Principle
A court is the name we use to refer to the place where tennis is played. Just the same way
soccer is played on a pitch, so is tennis played in the court. This principle dictates that anyone who intends to play this game must understand the area in which he/she is playing. This is as important as it will help you know which direction to hit the ball towards. You have to know how the court has been marked and know where you are supposed to serve towards which direction. Within the court, we have the backcourts also known as the service courts, the alley line and the sidelines among others. It is important that you understand the relevance of these markings and their differences. They are not there to beautify the court as my younger sister usually suggests anytime we are watching the game.
2. Service & Scores
Tennis is one of the most orderly games in the world. When I started playing I had friends who would come play with me and they thought that anyone can start the game and that a score is counted if you hit the net. Ha-ha, that is not the way we do it as they came to learn. When you are about to begin a game, it is advised that you toss a coin to determine who should go first when it comes to serving. This is to avoid arguing with your opponent and also it saves your time. Understand that when you hit the net, you have several chances to correct your mistake and do it right. So don’t be so harsh on the other person for missing it. On top of this, you need to know how to count your scores so that you do not keep playing all day. There are time limits too to the game.
3. The Fun Principle
Hey, it is a game and not a fight. Smile your way into the court and have as much fun as you want to. The beauty of the game is to enjoy it to its fullest. You will make your gaming so fun and enjoyable. Do you want to love the game? Fun it! Do not make it a spot to make grudges with your friends. After the game greets the opposite mate and laughs about the game regardless of who won it.

25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy


Lots of tennis lovers want to know the answer of “Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”. This guy, Andy Murray finally brought the title of Wimbledon back home. He is often times compared to Fred Perry, the guy who succeeded the feat before Andy. The dissimilarity between the two, i.e. Andy Murray and Fred Perry is probably best summarized in their reactions to victory and achievements. At the moment of triumph, Andy seemed to overcome, in fact, bewildered and confused because of the fact of being given something that he literally had desired for, throughout his life.
The instant when backhand lob of Murray fizzed and then coiled over the head of David Goffin for winning the team competition. All those illegitimately low-hanging girders from Belgian could not stop the history. It was the time for stopping to think about the Scot to be the greatest player of Britain since the time of Perry.
The status of Murray is supposed to be a bit higher than that of Perry’s. He is considered to be the greatest player of tennis from the Great Britain of all the times. Therefore, above Fred, or you can say, above the mythical and legendary figure of tennis from the Great Britain, the immortalized person like a statue in the All England Club’s grounds, as a polo shirt’s choice for various mods, like the name which always appears to be following the words that are: ‘not since’. Incidentally, Fred Perry, did not get knighted ever, as the establishment of the British tennis. In general, the establishment did not seem to be too fond of such a person whose father was known to be the Labour MP.
In today’s world, tennis is significantly different than what Fred Perry used to play in the decade of 1930s. It is helpful for regarding that as two of the different types of sports. It is also helpful for viewing the game in the sense that Andy plays the game as a superior player in each and every way. The time of Perry was not as competitive as it is now, both physically, as well as mentally; neither it was this much demanding. Lots of people can now decide and get the answer to the question: Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”.
The record of Murray’s achievements includes an Olympic gold plated medal, an Open Title of US, a Wimbledon achievement and the Davis Cup, of course. All these achievements are weighty enough for imagining the way he is now standing at a position that is above that of Perry’s. In simple words, it can be said that Fred was like a courts’ showman, who used to jump all the nets for shaking hands with the opponents; whereas, Andy can now literally get at the top. This is because of his achievement of winning his Davis Cup. You can now make your own perception to find the answer to Andy Murray vs. Fred Perry: who is better tennis player?”.


If you play tennis, you may be interested in a strategy I just learned about called Plan B. To some degree, I like to think I’ve always done this, but honestly, writing about it makes me think I can do it a whole lot more effectively now.
Everyone goes into a tennis match with their A plan. Feel out your opponent, see what their strength and weaknesses are and how you can exploit them.
But what if they’re just better than you?
What if they’re just that good that you can’t exploit a weakness? What if you need an alternate plan to use?
That’s what Plan B is all about.
Human nature is such that it’s easier for us to play from behind than with a lead. When we’re behind, the game is lost, and there is nothing else to lose, so we relax. When we’re ahead, the pressure is on to keep that lead, and we tend to worry more about making mistakes.
I honestly believe this is why we see so many more come from behind wins in professional sports these days. The pressure of being ahead, especially in a nationally televised sport, just gets into the head’s of players, coaches, and entire teams.
The mental strain leads to mistakes. And mistakes are how an opponent can get themselves back in a game, they maybe shouldn’t have had a chance to.
So how does Plan B work?
When an opponent has a lead on you, slow the game down. Take your time. Make them think about it. Make them worry. Your calm under pressure will cause them concern. And then suddenly they may create their own mistake for you to exploit.
This is why it’s important to train hard.
If you believe you train really hard for the sport, double your training. Because when the body tires, the mind weakens, and that’s when people make mistakes.
But when the mind tires, the body weakens, and that’s when people make dumb mistakes.
If you can outlast your opponent, you can beat your opponent.
Additionally, play out every point hard.
Even if you’re playing someone clearly better than you, make them work for every single point. Make them earn it. Slowing the game down and making them work for every point will have a psychological effect on them. From there you can hopefully get a chance to take advantage of it.
And never, ever, give them an easy game.
Even if you’re down to game point, with nothing to show for it, and it would seem to be easier just to give up; play as hard as you can for that point.
Because even in a game of lost points, you can psychologically gain a future edge. Put the pressure on them to earn that final point and watch how much they relax at the start of the next match.
It’s human nature that we don’t want that mental pressure on ourselves for long periods of time. So the more you push them, the better a chance you have of gaining an advantage.


Cheating is a big issue in tennis and it happens because your opponent wants to be the winner and usually, this stems from the fact that you are a great player, and they are scared of losing. However, most tennis players cheat as they have a huge pressure on them from the expecting coaches, fans and even family members who want them to grab the trophies at any cost.
A player who cheats does so for many personal reasons but it is obvious that it can have a grave impact on your game. You should keep in mind that a good player knows how to deal with the cheaters. Here are some of the things you can do if your opponent is cheating in tennis game.
Know That The Opponent Insecure And Scared
You should keep in mind that just because your opponent is cheating to grab the trophy at the tournament, there is no reason to quit. You should continue playing your game in the very manner in which you normally do in regular tournaments or one-day tennis matches.
Remember, the ball remains on your side if you keep playing. If you are a good player, remain confident that you will win despite the fact that your opponent is cheating. This helps you to keep going, and you never know – you might actually win the game.
Do Not Lose Your Cool
You should be smart enough and realize that even though you have noticed that your opponent is cheating, the audience might not have realized it. This is because you are the one who is trained in Tennis, they are not.
If you cross your line and shout at them for cheating, it might look like you are trying to manipulate others because of an imminent defeat. You should remain calm and confident, and talk to your coach after the game ends. It is best not to involve the parents of the cheating opponent.
Talk To The Referee
It is obvious that there will be a referee present on the tennis court. If you feel that your opponent is cheating so as to win the game, call over the referee to your side, without the knowledge of the opponent player and ask him to observe the game. A referee can pick a cheating player in minutes.
He will either start the game again or call the game off for the day. Once he marks the cheating opponent, he will keep an eye on him on all tennis matches. In this manner, not only can you play properly, but you also help other tennis players to stay out of trouble.
Confront The Player
It is sometimes a good idea to confront your cheating opponent and ask him the reason behind his desperation to win. His family or friends might be the ones pressurizing him to win or there could be many other reasons. Talk to him and assure him that he can win the game even without playing dirty. All he needs to do is practice.
Also, remind him that he should become a great tennis player for himself, not to impress his coach or family members. This attitude works wonders on your cheating opponents, and you will even find that they have stopped cheating.
Tennis is a great game and the good players are expected to handle every situation with calm. Instead of losing all hopes and becoming unhappy, you should follow these tips and control your anger and stress.

“If I’m the Better Player, Why Can’t I Win” Now Available – Allen Fox Tennis

The book “If I’m the Better-Player, Why-Can’t I-Win” is probably the best and most stimulating book I have encountered about the game of tennis. This is a fun yet insightful book to read and is suitable for all readers in all stages of life. It also consists of actual tennis matches, win or lose. And there are lessons on each game. The match will give you an inside-look on how the players think and how they react to every match. Winning a tennis match is not merely a sport to them but a symbol of pride. The author knows exactly knows the psyche that goes on behind every player’s thoughts.
The book does not just talk about the skills needed to become a winner. Contrary to that, it talks about what it takes to live and think like a winner. It does not just present to you the skills one should have to be a good tennis player but at the same time it encourages to have the right attitude. Your disposition, mental state and skills go hand in hand. An important lesson to learn: talent alone can’t win you a match. One needs to practice all the time and not just be complacent.
The reason why a person who is not as talented as another wins, is because of he knows his weakness. Determination and dedication makes one a winner. The author talks in a perspective where it’s not just about tennis, it is life! The way one handles a game is just as much as one handles life in terms of cognizance, resolve, and approach.
The way tennis is played is not just about your own talent or craft. Tennis is a bit of a mind-game. What you think you are. What you think your opponent is. A person puts a limit on another person’s capacity by putting him in a box of standards. In any chance that the opponent exceeds one’s expectations – that’s when one’s game starts to crumble. If you think too poorly of the competition, you start to become a tad bit relaxed on your approach to the game. One becomes arrogant and the other party ends up with a score. With each score the other person makes, the more talented player becomes frustrated that he starts to make more mistakes. Mistakes that will most likely break them than make them.
That is how we see and hear news about outstanding players who drastically lose their ways and vanish in the world of sports and fame. Arrogance is the poison they drank way too much that made them lose their touch. Their mindset and approach to situations are the ones that dragged them down the pit. This book teaches us that we are not the only ones with talent and gifts, but not all of us can stand the test and that the last ones standing are the ones with a better mentality.
Although the book was written few decades ago, this book fits right in to your collection. If you’re the kind who gets excited with books that allows you to reflect on your life and your choices, this should be on your shelf. The words on this author will last for the future generations to contemplate on and learn from.