Prince Textreme Tour 95 Tennis Racquet Review

A speedy racket with a compact head – this is what you can expect with the Prince Textreme Tour 95. It is incorporated with an innovative material that gives it better stability and flexibility. Your shots will enjoy better precision as it delivers enhanced feel in every swing.

If you are looking for top rated tennis rackets on the market, this is one product that you may want to consider. It is far from being perfect, but its performance is definitely stunning, especially for the experienced players. Read the rest of this review to know more about its notable features and how it will perform on the court.

Technical Details

The strung weight of this racket is 11.8 ounces. This is a bit heavy, which means that it will require more effort when swinging. This is also why it may not be a good pick for a racket that is user-friendly.

Its length, on the other hand, is 27 inches. This is the standard length.

While it is heavy, the head is quite small, which has a size of only 95 square inches. If you are an inexperienced player, this might lead to a lot of missed shots. If you want one that comes with a larger head, on the other hand, a better option would be HEAD Ti.S6, which has a head size of 115 square inches.

In terms of balance, it is 12 points head-light.

Lastly, for the stringing pattern, it has 16 mains and 19 crosses.

The Good

Here are some of the benefits of Prince Textreme Tour 95, which can convince you to have it chosen over its competitors.

Flexible Frame

If flexibility is what you are looking for, this is one racket that should be on the top of your list. The soft frame makes it more responsive and easier to control as against those that come with a stiff frame. Recovery and comfort will also be better because of the frame.

Excellent Power

Power can be considered as another asset of this tennis racquet. Because it is heavy, with the right swing, you can expect that your shots will generate a lot of power. This reminded me of the performance of Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade 104.

Comfortable Grip

Even when you are playing for an extended period, there is no need to worry about discomfort. The grip is made of an excellent material that minimizes the vibration that your hand will feel. This also minimizes the likelihood that you will easily suffer from fatigue.

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The Bad

Nonetheless, there are also some drawbacks, although they are not significant to actually ditch the idea of purchasing this racket.

Small Head

It is hard to master precision in every shot, making sure that the ball lands on the frame. This is going to be a huge challenge with the use of this racket. The small head is not forgiving. It can be frustrating! If you are a beginner, go for one that has a bigger head.


The weight of this model can also be frustrating for some people. It is heavy and will require a strong wrist so that your swings will end up with more power. This can also make maneuverability an issue unless you already have extensive experience in playing tennis.

Material and Construction

The use of Textreme, an innovative material, is perhaps one of the highlights of this racquet. This is responsible for improving its stability and increasing control. It also makes it more flexible and significantly improves the feel when you are holding the racquet. It is 100% graphite, which makes it unquestionable when it comes to flexibility.

More so, it comes with a ResiPro grip. This is the reason why holding the racket will be easy on your end. Even with sweaty hands, it will not slip off. Plus, it also dampens vibration so that your hand won’t be able to feel much of the impact even when you are swinging aggressively.

Meanwhile, when you choose the strung version, it already comes with Tour XC16L string, which is known for unmatched quality.

It is also compatible with Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, which will make it easy to carry out an assessment of your game.

Overall Performance

Despite being a heavy racket, I loved the speed that it delivers. It can be quite difficult to swing for beginners, but for those who are more experienced, this is not much of a problem.

When it comes to the volleys, the precision that it can offer will be hard to beat. Also, with the extended contact time between the string and the ball, you can expect that it will generate enhanced power that can leave your opponent stunned.

The maneuverability is another thing that should be highlighted when it comes to how it performs. It will be more responsive to your movement, providing an assurance that the ball will be sent to the direction where you want it to be.

Who Is It For?

From the features that have been discussed in this review, it is apparent that the Prince Textreme Tour 95 is for the intermediate and advanced players. It is also quite expensive, so this is for people who have the budget. It is also recommended for players who have incredible wrist strength as it is quite heavy.


In sum, the Prince Textreme Tour 95 is an exceptional pick for people who have been playing tennis for quite some time now. It is compact and heavy, which is why it is more suitable for those who are already experienced in the sport. It may take quite a while before you get used to the racket. Once you have already passed through a learning curve, you will fall in love with this racket!

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