Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet Review

Prince has long been one of the most trusted names on the market for tennis racquets. With this, there is no wonder why Prince Tour 98 ESP is known as one of the top-rated picks within the product category. Among others, it is most notable for the Extreme String Pattern feature, providing it with an edge over many of its competitor.

Will it be worth considering this model for the top tennis rackets? If you want to know the answer, read and we’ll help you figure out the answer. The rest of this post will provide a brief rundown of its features, as well as how it will perform on the court.

Technical Details

The head size of this racket is 98 square inches, which is similar to Prince Textreme Tour 95. The smaller head requires more precision in your shots to have an assurance that you will not miss the ball.

With a weight of 11.5 ounces, you cannot claim that this is a lightweight racket. Despite this, however, you can expect that swinging it will still be easy once you have mastered the right techniques.

The length, on the other hand, is 27 inches. This is the standard length of tennis rackets.

In terms of balance, this is a head-light racket. This is not as powerful as those rackets wherein the weight is concentrated on the top part.

Lastly, this model comes with a Prince Power Level of 825, which speaks a lot about the powerful performance that you can expect from it.

The Good

Here are some of the benefits of using Prince Tour 98 ESP, which will make it easy to be convinced that this will indeed be an excellent pick.


This is one of the rackets that rank high when it comes to comfort, which means that you will not easily get tired when you are playing. The vibration is minimal and you can focus more on your game. The grip also has an excellent feel.


Yes, it is a bit heavy. However, if you are an intermediate or advanced player, this should not be a problem. It also fares well in terms of maneuverability. One of the reasons for this is perhaps the fact that it comes with a head-light balance.

Unparalleled Control

The Prince Tour 98 ESP is also worth your attention because it allows you to take complete control of every game. The ESP Spin technology is the reason why its spin potential is great.

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The Bad

To carry out a fair assessment of this tennis racket, let us also have a quick look at some of its potential drawbacks.

Small Head

If you are a new player, you might struggle a bit in hitting the shots fired by your opponent or when you are serving. This is because of the head size. If you prefer a racket that comes with a larger head, a viable alternative would be Babolat Drive Max 10, which has a head size of 110 square inches.

Can be Heavy for Some

Especially for people with weak wrist, the weight can be a problem. At over 11 ounces, this will require more effort for you to lift and swing. However, if you are already an experienced player, the added weight will not be a thing to be worried about!

Material and Construction

The best feature of the Prince Tour 98 ESP is the Extreme String Pattern, which is the meaning of the ESP in its name. This is an innovative stringing pattern that provides the head with 16 mains and 16 crosses. It is one of the reasons why its spin potential is impressive.

It also uses an innovative technology that allows it to dampen vibration, providing an assurance of your comfort. Shock will be significantly lesser, and hence, you will not easily complain of fatigue. The Double Bridge Technology is the one that makes this possible.

Lastly, it also comes with a Resipro grip, which is common in the rackets from the manufacturer, including the Prince Textreme Warrior 100.

Overall Performance

Expect exceptional performance from the Prince Tour 98 ESP. This may not be as big-hitting as Wilson Blade 104, but the power is more than enough for aggressive players.

Serving will be great, despite the fact that it is quite on the heavy side. Spin and power will be apparent in every serve. Especially for your slice and kick serves, the spin of the ball will be incredible.

On the volley, this is also great. The same thing is true in the case of groundstrokes. From the baseline, you can enjoy a boost in confidence knowing that you have with you a reliable racket.

The overheads are also impressive, except that you might find the need to exert more effort since this is a head-light racket. This is unlike the head-heavy rackets that can deliver enough power right on.

Who Is It For?

The Prince Tour 98 ESP is a racquet that is aimed towards the intermediate and advanced players. If you are looking for control, this is for you. If you want a slightly heavy racket and if you have a powerful wrist to let off a swing, you have to pick this racket. It is for people who are looking for a racket that delivers great spin potential.


Indeed, the Prince Tour 98 ESP is a top-rated racket that will make an excellent pick for the experienced players. From its stringing pattern to its overall construction, you can be confident that it won’t fail to deliver a performance that is beyond what you can expect from others. It is slightly heavy and quite expensive, but it is going to make you dominate your next game.

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