Prince Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet Review

This is not to be confused with the Prince Textreme Warrior 100, which we have also earlier reviewed in this website. The Prince Warrior 100 is the more basic version, which is also the predecessor. It does not have the Textreme technology, but it is equally impressive in terms of the performance that it can deliver.

This tennis racquet was introduced in 2014, but it still remains as one of the best men’s tennis rackets today, despite the introduction of newer and more advanced models. The manufacturer promises that spin, power, and comfort are three of the things that you can expect from this model. Can it live up to these claims? Read on and learn more about it!

Technical Details

The head size of this racket is 100 square inches, which I would say is just average. If you want a racket that packs a larger head, minimizing the possibility that you will miss the ball, consider the HEAD Ti.S6 as an alternative.

For the weight, it is 10.2 ounces when it is unstrung and 10.7 ounces when it is strung. Like the head size, the weight is average.

The length, meanwhile, is standard at 27 inches.

The Prince Power Level of this racquet is 1000. For reference, the highest power level that the company gives to its rackets is 1,600 and the lowest is 600.

As for the stringing pattern, it comes with 14 mains and 16 crosses.

The Good

If you are still finding it hard to be convinced in choosing this racket, here are some of the benefits of Prince Warrior 100 to help you decide easily.

Exceptional Swing Speed

If speed is an important thing for you, this is a racket that you will definitely love. Your swing speed will be as fast as a lightning. Take note, however, that this will still be dependent on your swing techniques and not just the racket that you are using.

Easy on the Wrist

One of the reasons for this is perhaps the fact that that this is a lightweight racket. This means that you do not need a strong wrist to maneuver it. This is unlike in eh case of the heavier rackets. Even if you are playing for an extended period, it will not easily strain the wrist.

Appealing Design

Another thing that will make you love this racket is the aesthetics. It is one of the rackets with a design that will turn heads. It has good colors. the design is minimal but will definitely command a second look.

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The Bad

No racket is perfect. It goes without saying that Prince Warrior 100 also has its drawbacks that can give you hesitations in having it chosen.

Not for Big Hitters

Yes, it is powerful, but this holds true only based on the standards of beginners. If you are an experienced player, you will find the power to be underwhelming. A good solution is to go for customization or go for a bigger hitting racket, such as the Wilson Blade 104.

Power Can be Compromised

In exchange for control, you might also notice that the power is sacrificed. It is not going to lead to enhanced power, but it is not going to take it away. You might also find the need to exert more effort for the ball to demonstrate better power.

Material and Construction

One of the best features of this racket is the Extreme String Pattern or the ESP. This is also the one that you can find in Prince Tour 98 ESP. Basically, improves the string pattern of the racket, which will provide you with better control of the ball. This also maximizes the energy return in your every shot.

The Exo3 technology is one more thing that needs to be highlighted about this racket. The latter makes it more forgiving and it enhances the sweet spot. Because of this, even if the ball hits beyond the center, you can have the assurance that the energy will not be underwhelming.

Meanwhile, with the Double Bridge Technology, you can also enjoy dampened feel and minimized vibration. This will have a positive impact on your comfort.

Overall Performance

Performance-wise, hitting groundstrokes with this racket is one thing that you will enjoy the most. From the baseline, you can easily hit the ball with a muted feel.

The volleys and the serves will also be equally great. The transition will be easy and the control will be great, making you in complete command. Whether it is forehand or backhand volleys, you will love the maneuverability of the racket. It also demonstrates exceptional stability to handle incoming shots, although not as stable as the heavier and stiffer counterparts.

Another noteworthy thing about its performance is how it makes every shot comfortable, even the aggressive ones. For some, they might not like it as it can make the racket feel muted. However, this is also a good thing as it does not easily make you tired.

Who Is It For?

Regardless of the area of the court where you are playing, whether it is net or baseline, this is a racket that will be effective in unleashing your true potential. This is best for beginners and intermediate players. It is easy to move as it is lightweight. You do not need to have the strongest wrist to enjoy great maneuverability.


Indeed, the Prince Warrior 100 is a top-rated racket made by a trusted brand. It is a promising choice if you are an entry-level user. It has a lightweight construction, though there are still some choices that are lighter, especially those that are below 10 ounces when strung. From its construction to its performance, Prince has once again proved that they are one name that is hard to rival.

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