If you’ve been following pro tennis players, you must have realized that most of them either broke their engagements or ended up in a nasty divorce. Makes it look like marriage is a bed of thorns for tennis players. However, truth is, marriage isn’t the adversary of world-class tennis.
After his second mud court tittle, Andy Murray, one of the authority players in tennis said marriage works. He even credited his success to his long term girlfriend and now wife. He believes that if your personal life is great, it helps your performance on the court.
The Murray couple and the Agassi couple are only few of the may top tennis players who have a cheerful marriage life. How would they do it?
1. Find time for each other
The first challenge that tennis players face is traveling. They are basically all over the globe almost the entire year. Who would want to get married to a spouse who barely has time for them? While you cannot give up a tournament for family life, how about use the few days you are around to give your spouse all the attention you can afford? If you give them the time when you are around, they will not feel left out when you go away. Plus, you can always let them tag along to some of the games.
2. Our money; not my money
At some point it’s the money problem. Pro players earn in millions, and, if the significant other has no income and they need support, it creates in them financial guilt. The fact that you are worth millions of dollars shouldn’t make you belittle your spouse. Marriage makes people one, and if we are one, then what we have is ours not mine or yours.
3. Exercise together
No doubt, you are tennis player who goes for training every other week and leave your mate to deal with kids when you are away. Particularly if your better half is a stay-at home mum. Furthermore, when the weekend comes around, she is going to their practices or games. Your schedules end up clashing and you start growing apart. The marriage becomes rigid and stiff.
To avoid this, spare some time and when going away for practice, take her with you. Get a nanny to watch the kids if you can’t bring them along. Research shows that couples who practice together keep off the extra pounds as well as strengthen their relationship.
4. Hold consistent double diversions as a family.
Now that you tag your family along for practice and they learn the ropes in the process, it is time to hold a regular doubles game as a family on the weekends. Family dinners are great, but playing tennis together as a family brings you closer.
5. Start having tennis dates
After a couple of lessons, start going for “tennis dates” at your neighborhood court. It is such a fortifying method to get to know each other. Dynamic time outside the house draws out another side of our relationship.
Truth be told if your children see you having some good times, they will want to partake. What’s more, much the same as that, these positive effects overflow to your children. What better approach to have an agreeable out-of-the-world marriage life.
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