I haven’t come across any interesting game as tennis it. I started playing this game at the age of nine being taught by my dad who was a big fan of tennis. Throughout my schooling life, I have been on the school team and I still remember what I was taught by dad back then. Thanks to him because he made tennis real and a passion I grew up to treasure. Just like any other game, there are some golden rules that one must follow to be a good player. Failure to adhere to these rules is costly and can make you regret ever getting into the court to play. Allow me to share with you some golden nuggets my father imparted into my game.
1. The court Principle
A court is the name we use to refer to the place where tennis is played. Just the same way
soccer is played on a pitch, so is tennis played in the court. This principle dictates that anyone who intends to play this game must understand the area in which he/she is playing. This is as important as it will help you know which direction to hit the ball towards. You have to know how the court has been marked and know where you are supposed to serve towards which direction. Within the court, we have the backcourts also known as the service courts, the alley line and the sidelines among others. It is important that you understand the relevance of these markings and their differences. They are not there to beautify the court as my younger sister usually suggests anytime we are watching the game.
2. Service & Scores
Tennis is one of the most orderly games in the world. When I started playing I had friends who would come play with me and they thought that anyone can start the game and that a score is counted if you hit the net. Ha-ha, that is not the way we do it as they came to learn. When you are about to begin a game, it is advised that you toss a coin to determine who should go first when it comes to serving. This is to avoid arguing with your opponent and also it saves your time. Understand that when you hit the net, you have several chances to correct your mistake and do it right. So don’t be so harsh on the other person for missing it. On top of this, you need to know how to count your scores so that you do not keep playing all day. There are time limits too to the game.
3. The Fun Principle
Hey, it is a game and not a fight. Smile your way into the court and have as much fun as you want to. The beauty of the game is to enjoy it to its fullest. You will make your gaming so fun and enjoyable. Do you want to love the game? Fun it! Do not make it a spot to make grudges with your friends. After the game greets the opposite mate and laughs about the game regardless of who won it.

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