In this article I will be giving a review on tennis but to the beginner who is a tennis enthusiast, he or she should know that this is a game that is often referred to as the sport of kings. It is played between two opposing players vying for a reward at the end or just for fun.
The set up of the game is pretty simple and easy to learn that is to say, it is played on the rectangular court that is evenly divided by a long net stretching across from one side to the other side. Scores are taken and recorded by an umpire who also enforces the rules and decides on matters that result in the game. Players will be on opposite sides of the net and they use a racket to hit the ball to and from each other. A bounce by the ball on the side of each player after is hit by the opposing player is allowed where it is sent back and should fall within a boundaries of the demarcated court.
Tennis is played in a format that is decided by sets. That is to say tennis matches normally are a best of 3 or best of 5 five sets, with each set containing six games. The person who garners the most points in the game wins the set and the one who wins the most sets wins the match. It should be noted that this is not a walk in the park as most games will take up to three hours to complete or as little as one hour depending on the skills of the players.
You must be asking yourself what then should you do to be a good tennis player like the ones that headline the news? Well if you want to feature in any of the prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon then look no further than these tips I am briefly going to highlight:
· Practice. Embarking on constant game practice will help you improve your game as well nurture the skills that you possess and need to have in your arsenal.
· Improve your stamina. Just like in any other game, it is important to have a good stamina when playing this game. How do you improve your stamina? Try doing aerobics alongside other sports to build your resilience for the game.
· Work on your footwork. This is one of the key essential tips for playing tennis as you need to be fast on the court and reach out for the serves of your opponent. Skipping ropes improves your coordination and footwork and so should be incorporated in the daily exercise routines.
· Use the right equipment and comfortable sportswear for the game. It is a common site in most professional matches that you see the athletes wearing branded sport wear. It is not for advertisement only as you may think but comfort plays a key role as well.
In conclusion to be a star at anything, practice and perseverance are key essentials and should be done by whoever wants to be good at the game.

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