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Tennis is one of the difficult matches as compared to other sports. The drawn-out competitive matches and diabolical scoring system make this fame very stressful and it’s obvious that no player wants to lose the game. During the tennis competition, the nerves and fears are very hard to control, emotion gets out of hand and confidence level up and down. Think and Win book will give you that courage to fight with such kind of issues that a player faces while playing in every level. Dr. Allen Fox’s solutions are quite straightforward and logical. And the most important part of the logic which mentioned within this books are purely tested on the court and you will definitely surprise by knowing this the strategies were really worked.
Think and win is one of the dissimilar books which define the function and intricate form of the tennis art. It also briefs the ever-present linkage of tactics and strokes, psychologies and strategies etc. Dr. Allen Fox is one of the renowned tennis thinker and world-class players who wrote a brilliant book which is highly beneficial for the tennis players and the coaches of the tennis game from all the level. There is a number of national as well as international players and coaches follow the guidelines of this book. In the year of 1992, the senior division of men’s tennis team watched Allen box beat some of the best players in all over the world. Dr. Fox is a smart player and knows the strategy on how to win the tennis match easily.
Even kids can attend the tennis camp that organized by Dr. Fox team. This camp is not only sophisticated but also will provide lots of fun to the players along with the guidance of globally renowned coaches. In this book of Think To Win, you will get best strategic knowledge on how to achieve your target within the tennis game. Dr. Fox provided a significant contribution to the tennis players through his book. In this book, they suggest lots of suggestions and ideas for handling this mental sport from his own tennis experience.
According to Dr. Fox while playing the tennis game you need to overcome certain things which are discussed below.
Choking: You need to reduce your fear of losing which can freeze your effortless and relaxed game.
Anger: You need to manage and release your anger while playing.
Tanking: You need to improve your depression level while playing to overcome the stress level.
Details of the book:
The result of a tennis match cannot determine on the basis of how the players hit the ball but it can be determined by how the players play the game. In this famous book Think To Win, Dr. Fox concentrates on providing certain unique and winning formulas to defeat your competent in both doubles and singles. In this book, the author explains the basic points of geometry that can be overlooked by the advanced players. He teaches all level of techniques to the players and also teaches how to answer all the questions like when, where and how to hit the ball hard. He also teaches the technique on under what conditions the player need which strokes, how to play tennis percentage and how to attack the weakness of your opponent. If you are stuck in some strategy while working on your strokes then this book will definitely help you. It will teach you the required lesson which improves your chances of winning. Dr. Fox is not only a coach but also a psychologist and top 10 former American and David Cup player. He wrote this book and provides all the required knowledge only from his experiences. For getting the knowledge and knowing the different strategies you need to purchase this book. It is now easily available from the online stores. You simply need to search in Google there are several online stores are selling this book. You can compare the prices and purchase the book from your preferred online shop. This book is really worth for your money.
If you are a tennis player or tennis lover then from this book you will get valuable information’s for sure which will develop your playing strategy. It will help you stay mentally focused, getting out of slumps and planning the right game strategy. In this book, the author encourages the players to figure out what kind of player they really are. Once you start following the tricks mentioned in this book you will feel the different level in your playing.

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