Cheating is a big issue in tennis and it happens because your opponent wants to be the winner and usually, this stems from the fact that you are a great player, and they are scared of losing. However, most tennis players cheat as they have a huge pressure on them from the expecting coaches, fans and even family members who want them to grab the trophies at any cost.
A player who cheats does so for many personal reasons but it is obvious that it can have a grave impact on your game. You should keep in mind that a good player knows how to deal with the cheaters. Here are some of the things you can do if your opponent is cheating in tennis game.
Know That The Opponent Insecure And Scared
You should keep in mind that just because your opponent is cheating to grab the trophy at the tournament, there is no reason to quit. You should continue playing your game in the very manner in which you normally do in regular tournaments or one-day tennis matches.
Remember, the ball remains on your side if you keep playing. If you are a good player, remain confident that you will win despite the fact that your opponent is cheating. This helps you to keep going, and you never know – you might actually win the game.
Do Not Lose Your Cool
You should be smart enough and realize that even though you have noticed that your opponent is cheating, the audience might not have realized it. This is because you are the one who is trained in Tennis, they are not.
If you cross your line and shout at them for cheating, it might look like you are trying to manipulate others because of an imminent defeat. You should remain calm and confident, and talk to your coach after the game ends. It is best not to involve the parents of the cheating opponent.
Talk To The Referee
It is obvious that there will be a referee present on the tennis court. If you feel that your opponent is cheating so as to win the game, call over the referee to your side, without the knowledge of the opponent player and ask him to observe the game. A referee can pick a cheating player in minutes.
He will either start the game again or call the game off for the day. Once he marks the cheating opponent, he will keep an eye on him on all tennis matches. In this manner, not only can you play properly, but you also help other tennis players to stay out of trouble.
Confront The Player
It is sometimes a good idea to confront your cheating opponent and ask him the reason behind his desperation to win. His family or friends might be the ones pressurizing him to win or there could be many other reasons. Talk to him and assure him that he can win the game even without playing dirty. All he needs to do is practice.
Also, remind him that he should become a great tennis player for himself, not to impress his coach or family members. This attitude works wonders on your cheating opponents, and you will even find that they have stopped cheating.
Tennis is a great game and the good players are expected to handle every situation with calm. Instead of losing all hopes and becoming unhappy, you should follow these tips and control your anger and stress.

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