Wilson Six One 95 18×20 Tennis Racquet Review

With its clean and sophisticated look, the Wilson Six One 95 18×20 is easily one of the most beautiful rackets that you can find on the market. It is made by one of the most popular tennis racquet brands, which is why you can buy with confidence!

Used by some of the most popular players, this racket is known for being explosive on the court. It is a formidable weapon for attackers, making it easy to stun your opponent and dominate the game. If you are unsure if this is a racket that will work for your needs, keep on reading the rest of this review and I will help you come up with the right decision. While this is a great racket, clearly, it is not for everyone.

Technical Details

One of the key characteristics of this tennis racquet is the small size of its head, which is only 95 square inches. If you feel more comfortable playing with a racket that packs a larger head, you might want to take a look at Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3, which comes with a large head that is 115 square inches.

When it is strung, the weight of the racket is 12.3 ounces. This is quite heavy, which puts it in the league of Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph. As for the length, it is standard at 27 inches.

For the stringing pattern, it has 18 mains and 20 crosses. This makes the string bed dense, similar to what you can expect with the Wilson Burn 100S. It is tight, which also minimizes the possibility that the strings will easily loosen. Meanwhile, the stringing tension that the manufacturer recommends is between 50 to 60 pounds.

The Good

Is the Wilson Six One 95 18×20 a good racket? Here are some of its benefits that will make you say YES to this product.


One of the things that you will love in this racket is the stability that it can deliver. This can be because of the weight. Since it is heavy, it tends to be more forgiving against powerful shots, providing an assurance that it won’t tremble.

Exceptional Control

For a racquet within its weight range, you might expect that it can be quite difficult to control. Truth is, control is one of the best assets of this product. You will have better control of the game, although there are instances wherein you will find it to be quite difficult to maneuver.

High-Quality Workmanship

If workmanship is an important factor in choosing the best tennis racket, you will have another reason to love this model. After all, it is made by Wilson, so you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to quality, both in terms of style and durability.

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The Bad

Even the best rackets have its fair share of problems. For this model, here are some of the issues that you need to know about.

Small Head

While advanced players who have already mastered the precision of their shots will not have a problem with its small head, for others, this can lead to more missed shots. If you are just learning to play, I suggest that you go for a model that comes with a larger hitting surface.

Can be Hard to Maneuver

Since this is a heavy racquet, you can experience problems when it comes to the maneuverability of the racket. The added weight will require more effort on your end, especially if the strength of your wrist is not yet that superior.

Material and Construction

One of the most innovative features of this racket is the Parallel Drilling technology, which debuts in this model. This enhances the power and the feel of the racket.

It has a combination of red and white colors, which will make it stand out on the court. The string bed has the classic W logo of Wilson.

The racket is strung with the use of Wilson Sensation 17 strings, known for its durability. It also has a dense stringing pattern that improves the energy transfer to the ball.

Overall Performance

It is made by Wilson, so what else could you expect? It can deliver an exceptional performance, which is pretty much what you would expect for a racket within its price range.

One thing that I loved the most in this racket is how it performs well from the baseline in the absence of having to be pushed too much. You can enjoy exceptional speed, despite the fact that it is quite heavy. Of course, this is provided that your wrist strength allows you to swing it in the absence of having to exert too much effort.

The serves and the returns will be exceptionally great. When you are serving, you will feel like you are in total command of the game. The returns are also great, although you have to be more careful to make sure that it does not miss the small hitting area.

Who Is It For?

As one of the most solid from the products that I have recently reviewed, this is a racket that targets intermediate and advanced players. It is for you if you are looking for one that is arm-friendly. Despite the weight, this is pretty much easy to swing, especially if you have already worked on the strength of your wrist. If you have an offensive playing style, this is a racket that will definitely match your aggressiveness.


In sum, the Wilson Six One 95 18×20 is a racket that will work best for experienced players who love to be aggressive on the court. It offers a combination of spin and control, making it perfect for the big-hitters. It may be quite expensive, but the price is sure to be worth it given the performance that it will be able to deliver.

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