Yonex Ezone DR 98 Tennis Racquet Review

Are you looking for the best tennis racket in the world? There is a long list of choices, but one that you should not miss is the Yonex Ezone DR 98. It is endorsed by Nick Kyrgios and Ana Ivanovic, which already speaks a lot about the quality that you can expect in this product.

This is a racket that is built for the big-hitters, given how powerful it is. This reminded me a lot of the Wilson Blade 104.

Is this a racket that will work best for your playing style? What are the features that make it exceptional? How does it perform on the court? To answer your questions, read the rest of this review. With the insights that I will be sharing, it will be easier to weigh the good and the bad in this racket.

Technical Details

The head size of this racket is only 98 square inches. This is the same with the Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Lite.

When the racket is strung, the weight is only 10.9 ounces, which is already pretty much comfortable for most players. It will be easy to swing, yet it is heavy enough to be more stable. The length is standard, which is 27 inches.

Meanwhile, for the stringing pattern, it has 16 mains and 19 crosses. For the best performance, follow the stringing tension recommended by the manufacturer, which is 45 to 60 pounds. This will make the string bed dense enough to maximize energy transfer for your shots to end up being more powerful.

The Good

If you are still unconvinced that this will be an excellent racket, here are some of the benefits that will compel you to have it chosen over competing models.

Excellent Swing Speed

While this is not necessarily a lightweight racket, I loved how the speed is not compromised. It can easily respond to your swing, unlike others that can demonstrate a lag time. This will make it easier to tackle the aggressiveness of your opponent.

Impressive Feel

One of my favorite things in this racket is the feel, which is similar to what Wilson Blade 98 18×20 delivers. Regardless of where you are playing, the feel will be consistent. This also adds up to the comfort that you can expect when playing with this racket.

Explosive Power

Even if this is not a racket that is designed to satisfy the requirements of advanced players, you can expect that the power will be explosive? Whether from the net or baseline, both in serves and in returns, power is one of the best assets of Yonex Ezone DR 98.

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The Bad

Similar to the other rackets that I have reviewed, it also has some drawbacks, although they are not significant to make you ditch this product.

Not for Advanced Players

If you want a racket that is suitable for experienced players, this is not for you. This is specially designed for improvement, which is why it is best for intermediate players who are still working on their techniques to gain mastery of the sport.

Lacks Appeal

Yonex has a fair share of rackets with a design that can instantly turn heads, but this is not one of them. It can be quite underwhelming in terms of looks. Nonetheless, this should not be too much of a problem since what it lacks in style it makes up for its performance.

Material and Construction

The Nanometric Dr material that is found on the frame of the racket is one of the innovative features that will make this an exceptional product. This is going to enhance the snapback of the frame and is also the one that is responsible for enhancing the speed of the ball by as much as 7%.

The H.M graphite in the racket is also notable. This allows it to be easy to handle and makes it long-lasting. This also helps in the improvement of shock absorption.

Meanwhile, there is also a Quick Shut Gel on the grip. This is a material that absorbs vibration effectively to ensure your highest level of comfort, regardless of how long and aggressive you play.

Overall Performance

The serves are my favorite with the use of this racket. You will have explosive serves that will stun your opponents, making it challenging to respond. You can also expect that it will generate a good spin, although not as massive as the big-hitting rackets that are designed for seasoned players.

When returning the serve, this is also going to be an exceptional racket. It is more forgiving than most of its competitors. With the ease of maneuverability, it will be effortless to catch the ball and return it on the other side of the court with more power.

Who Is It For?

This is for players who would like to be tough on the court. If power is what you are after, this will work best for you. It is built for those who would like to let out a powerful shot in the absence of having to exert too much effort. If you are an intermediate player, you will not have difficulty adjusting with to use of this racket. It will also make a great choice if you are looking for an improvement racket.


In sum, the Yonex Ezone DR 98 will make a great choice if you are looking for a racket that can help in the improvement of your game. While it is not designed to meet the needs of the advanced players, if you are an intermediate player, this will be more than enough. The power of the racket, as noted above, is one of its best assets, making it easy to take control of the game and end up being the winner.

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